The Wiki Contributors (aka: Soul Suckers) are the base of the Troll.

wiki c craving a soul at austins castle..

King's Army, who are lifeless beings who only want to have an Account/soul. Their ability is to suck the life out of the user turning them into one of Austin's minions. Anonymous comments pop above their heads if they want to speak to each other.


Wiki contributers have no face what so ever. They are competly white but when sucking souls, their face becomes a large black hole that sucks the soul. Wikia contributers come in all shapes and sizes.


These anonymous things completely lack a personality. When they talk they talk gibberish or just yell erratically for hours. Their hobbies include: annoying people, getting angry after losing a discussion and of course, the all time favorite - bashing their heads against either a keyboard or a wall.

Some Wiki Contributors are actually good. After all,some of the users were once wiki contributers...One wiki contributor named ******* turned into a user wizard name Alice the Wizard,who became an ADMIN. shes nice