It Valentines Day in Ooo/Aaa and everybody's lovin'! What happens when a Superbowl game gets out of hand? (Written by Paris and Alice and anyone else that wants to help) (Also, this is A MOVIE!!!!)


  • Troll
  • Paris
  • Alice
  • Marshall
  • Fionna
  • Belle
  • Andy
  • Katie
  • Lollipop King
  • Lollipop Girl
  • Finn
  • Flame Princess
  • Pricess Bubble Gum
  • Lumpy Space Princess
  • Melyanda
  • Trolls
  • Muck
  • Austin
  • Wiki Contrubiters
  • Marceline
  • Cake
  • Lady Rainicorn
  • Lord Monochromicorn
  • PHIL
  • Princess PHIL
  • Silverbane
  • Harris


Paris dreams of the most gorgeus living thing to live: CANDY,she slowly runs towards the candy monster when--

Isabella:PARIS-WAKE-UP!!!!! *in cat form-turns into human form*

Paris:No-oooo!!! *stuffs head under pillow* harumphf.You KNOW I can't go back to sleep when I wake up!

Isabella:Umm no-hey,CHECK OUT MY OUTFITS! Okay do you like this one?

Isabella shows Paris a red denim mini skirt with a pink tank-top and crafty heart head-band Isabella:Or-this one-It has a tight,sleek,red off the shoulder with jeans and red boots....?

Paris:The one that is that color with the stuff-now lemme sleep! I

Isabella:I CANT! Its V-Day! I GOTTA dress up for you-know-who...

Paris: Gross!! Ew.... !!

(goes to valentine-decked-out WCC)

Fionna:Hey Paris!-

Marcelina:You guys ready for THE ULTRA LATE SUPERBOWL TONIGHT!?!

Marshal Lee: I am! I just don't know who--to ask.....<3...

Isabella:Well I'm sure I can help with that Marshal Lee--

Marshal Lee: Ummm--- 0_0

Andy:Belle,will you goto late Suber Bowl with me?

Belle:Heehehee..! O'course Andy-I'd love too..

Katie:Ooooo! Late Super Bowl! Do we HAVE to go with someone?I just wanna go for the fun!

AK1,Katie,Marcelina,Melyanda all agree but Marceline speaks up:I dunno,I think Fionna,wants a special vamp..

Fionna:*blushes* Wha-what?

Cake:Nah-uh Fionnas not going out with THAT guy,Gumball is the man,man..!

Marceline:Ha-yeah-I woundnt be so sure CAT. *looks at finger nails*

Marcelina:Umm--Maybe I can make some magic and me and Alice can design some LSB gear fo jew guys..

Alice:Uh-Yeah okay,so do you think Finn has a date...?Oh and-I think AK1 needs some help with the dip.

Marcelina:Probably,hes a hero,and hes got TWO lovers now,Flame Girl,and PB,Finns a sucker for luvin PB..........

Andy: I can help Ak1 with the chip dip and the rest of the appetizers-you girls can make the desserts and stuff

(LATER) Jake: Me and Lady are gonna catch up with you guys,were going by the retared rainbow river.

LR *in korean* It is beautiful there,we will meet up,goodbye!!!!

Lord Monochromicorn and Cake leave too so they can play ball and stuff*********** Paris,Katie,Melyanda,are baking SB cakepops and cookies whils Marcelina,and Alice make SB clothes.Andy and Adventure King both make dip for the chips and fried ching/chicken wings..(SB=SuperBowl)

Finn: Hey Fi,ha,theres some knockin monster outside lets kick it in the hams!

Fionna:Ha! Yeah-I think that was in THE ENCHIRIDION!! *LARGE BREATH* SLAMACOW! That heals cat emotions!

Finn:YEa Yea Yea! We need to catch that crook--he steals all the jellybeans from the Cat People!!

Maceline:So Marshal Lee,having a bad V-Day? Theres lots of red to drink man..

Marshal Lee: Whatever--I-I dunno about Fionna-she-shes---

Marceline:Dude-she needs-TO MOVE ON

Marshall Lee: But I can't take it! should I ask her?

Marceline: I would do it later though, she seems to be with Finn right now.

Marshall: Ugh T_T

Back at the WCC...


Katie: calm down Paris, we could make more

Melyanda: Yeah, chill

Paris: But you know how I get with cookies!!! Those poor little cookies are BURNT!

Katie: whateva...hey Paris, I've been meaning to ask you, who are you gonna ask to the Super Bowl?

Paris:Umm I-I-*oven alarm goes off* THE BROWNIES!! *takes out brownies and shapes into footballs*

Everyone is packing for LSB while Marcelina hands out Late Super Bowl shirts....

  • Marcelina, LSP, Katie, Melyanda: Purple and Light purple
  • Paris, Isabella, PHIL, Princess PHIL, PB, PG: Pink, Black, white
  • Marceline, Marshal Lee: Red and Black
  • Andy, AK1: Red, blue, white
  • Fionna, Finn, Alice: aqua, royal blue, white, light green
  • LR, LM, Cake, Jake: Rainbow or White with black
  • Lollipop King, Lollipop Girl: Barf green, light green, yeah...its all green
  • i dunno the rest yo...

While everyone is outside and stuff Paris,Katie,Marcelina,and Fionna go and talk about girl stuff.....--

Marcelina: It sucks you have to have a date to get in....Being a girl hard sometimes..

Katie:Its okay-at least we have each other! me and AK1 are asking twins.wierd....Fionna-didnt marshal ask u?

Fionna:No Izzy asked and he said yes.. dont do the science dance to a vampire-note to self..

Paris: If Finn likes Flame Princess-dont u like Flame Prince?

Fionna: Well I'm MYSELF. I like you-know-who, and Flame Prince is so angry all the time...What a cinnamon roll.

Paris: You mean Voldemort?!!!!?!?!?!! Oh-and NO CUSSING Fionna! you know ci****on r**l is a bad word!

Marcelina:Fi!- Marshal Lee likes you-he was to shy to ASK YOU!!! So get outta here and get him-and get us one too!!

Fionna: WHA--??!!?!? Um..OKAY...

Marcelina: Alice is going with Finn you know--

Katie: What about Flame Princess? Who is she going with?

Paris: Idk....oh cool! umm...OH IM GONNA GENDER SWAP MYSELF!!!! brb!

Marcelina: OH WAIT! My boyfriend Kanir! he comes back from the werewolf kingdom in half an hour!!!!YUUUSS!

Katie:i'll just ask AK1,as friends though!!

Paris is leaving the WCC when marceline and Silverbane jump into her--

Marceline:bringin anyone?


Silverbane: Me and Marceline are going. She enjoys my good looks.

Marceline: I'm going with you because your a werewolf and I need EXCITEMENT! Not cuz of your looks man! Ew!

Silver: Dang it...Paris you should go out with my evil brother Magnus-you said if anyone called you beautiful you would go on a date with them or something like that...

Paris: But hes dead.

Silver: Actually-hes not.

Paris: Uh, well...BYE!

Paris borrowed a AWESOME portal thingy machine that PB and PG had to make--GENDERSWAPS!

Paris: Now I have a date!-wait--WHY DID I DO THIS!?!?!! IM TOO YOUNG TO DATE!!

Haris: Yo! What up! hahaha nah i'm kidding. Oh! ARE THOSE POPCORN JELLY BEANS!?! I love thoses!

Paris: *blushes* yeah-umm have some-you wanna goto LSB with me? I'm too young to date-but-yeaaa...

Haris:Yeah-of course..I only like me-so I'll just date myself! *walks to LSB with Paris* Hey wanna get ice cream?

Paris: As long as we both sing and skip!:0



Everyone was eating popcorn and hotdogs while football players tackled each other.

Katie: Who are we voting for?

Alice: Well,there's the CHEEZ-ITS and Nips..Nips are yellow and pale and CHEEZ-ITS are gold and red.

Paris: CHEEZ-ITS,perfect snack to go with Ritz, (singing,AGAIN..)

Haris: CHEEZ-ITS, I'll eat you,bit-by-bit, Your so cheesy and flavorous,

Paris:Its seriously savourous, oh CHEEZ-ITS I love you so--


Both:la-la-la... nah-nah ah AH nah nah ah!

Half-the-people-there: OH!!! (CHEEZ-ITS miss a touch-down)

Marcelina: Nips:18 CHEEZ-ITS: 14. We need 4 more points!!

AK1:Whats up with Izzy?

Marshal: Isaella-I don't like you-THAT way-I-I-I like Fionna.

Isabella: Whatevas-you just have a nice face. and body. your heart is a coal. *walks away*

Marshal:She took it easy.

Isabella goes to bathroom to make herself stop crying like a loser for a while.

AK1: WHAT THE CHEESE IS THAT!!!!!!!!!! *points to army of trolls*

Austin: We DID win the last game!! WE SHOULD BE AT LSB!!!!!!!!!!

Referee: Nisguna prueba de nada de Ingle's!!

Muck: Lets kill them all Baby!!

Trolls start attacking,Lollipop King punches his girlfriend is the face, kisses her, then breaks her stick.

Princess PHIL: Phil! Watch out!

PHIL: AHH! MAGIC!! *a magical BOOM moves across the field turning into-cheerlears and ATHLETES!!!!&nbsp

The whole field turns into cheerleaders and athletes except for Izzy and a few others-they were in the b-room

Isabella:what the globness?

AK1: Squirt me coach!!


Like athletes--they start fighting and starts a huge group thing

Katie:OMG bear lets have a rehersal/sleepover/pillow fight!!

Paris: Like--tottaly!!!!

Alice:Gimme an Y-gimme a E-gimme a S thaaaaaats YES!!

Marcelina:OMG bear guys!! LOL bffs brb I'll ttyl!!

Melyanda: Lets watch Cheer Moms after this! Then-New Joy Z Shoy-then!! WHATEVS!!

All: Gooooo STUFF!


silver: dang it, marcy we are late for the lsb, if it wasnt for those daleks that attacked us we would of had been here on time to watch it.

marceline:whatever man--ha-good this..look! what a bunch of plums

silver looks at where marceline was pointing and saw all the boys fighting like maniacs and the girls chatting like they dont even notice the brawl happening all over the field.

silver: you are correct marcy. we are very lucky to be late today or we be acting like them. just one other thing, who did this.

isabella: all i saw was a huge explosion of magic.

silver: look another person who is not affected and just with my luck that person is a cat person.

isabella:do you have a problem with that skinny jean!?

silver: i am the werewolf king and you are a catperson,so there is the rivalry beween the species, that is the problem.

isabella:well get over it because we have to work together.

silver:ok. you said that there was a big magic explosion so that means we are dealing with a wizard or witch but that realy doesnt narr- wait i smell magic person. it is a bunch of garbage and mashed tomato paste. of course-its

Marceline: a bunch of trols along with muck and lollipop king? yep.

isabella and silver look at eachother then in the bench area--of course!!

Marceline: well im off. my dad said hes opening a band-night.. i wanna put it online and humiliate him. see ya!

isabella: glob.

Paris:you meeeaaaan--glob face tomato paste lets all be friends-till the-uh-end. buddies besties until our bodies-resties...BFF forever and ever you can do it! never say never!!

silver: ok lets talk to choose goose

isabella: choose goose?


choose goose: magical love? how bout'...a magician dove!!

isabella: no.

choose goose: no you say? how about... a sack of hay!!

silver: no.

choose goose: maybe a spell--where magic could dwell from the humans war too! now its for you!

isabella: that'll do

choose goose: next ring my bell, and get a sale for what i sell!!


blood is red

humans lay dead

but pair of two

may bring luck to you

years gone by

at night sun dies

the energy comes back

beware of the attack

the missles reverse

so prevent wars curse

isabella: okay so we read this-and-bra vouge!

silver:you read it.

isabella: i was planning to mr. state-the-ovious

isabella recites the spell alone and the people turn back normal

silver:wasnt something supposed to probably did it wrong

isabella: shushers man. theyre normal so whatever.......................!

lollipop king: my goat legs WILL return. we WILL be amused! isnt that right madison!!!

lollipop girl: im lollipop girl. my real name is---

lollipop king: shut up madison *makesout with* get me a root beer. OR I WILL STALK YOU AND COVER YOU IN WRAPPERS.

lollipop girl: but-i-i____

lollipop king: eyes are for staring at ladies! now go madson!

lollipop girl: yea-yes king sven

lollipop king: go before i cut out your unless tounge and feed it to the dogs that sleep in the gutters.

lollipop girl runs off crying while evil peeples leave in boredom.....

fionna: ugh i feel like i was just in Joy Z Show.....not that place again...

paris: lets just go home and watch game of thrones.

marshal: or----we could go to a candy store...?

paris: eating free samples wouldnt be SO bad..heheheeee......

alice: your not supposed to take the whole box paris!!

paris: but but!!

jake: BUTTS ARE FOR POOPING... cmon lady

lady rainicorn:

cake: so fionna--hows your date with gumball?

fionna: cake! stop being embarassing!?!

marshal: what do you mean----?

fionna: gumball was great we ate spaghetti on a log-he gave me his hair-a bug sang a sweet song-its all good.

cake: nice. me amd lord monochromicorn are gonna hang at his place fo a while..catch up laters!!

marshal: what was that about?!

fionna: cake,finn,marceline, theyd KILL my chubby guts if they knew!!

PHIL: we got some liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess PHIL: Oooohhhhh!!!


paris: omg--i cant WAIT for season 2 of game of thrones... so cool.

isabella: wow. okay so whos up for a corny romantic comedy

all: ME!

paris: fine--but you'll change your minds when i get my hands on season 2--YOU'LL SEE THEN! Mwuhahahaa!!!

marshal: paris. biscuits.

paris: Ooo! Ooo! Can i have marshmallows with mine!

marshal: no, you've had too much sugar today.

paris: fine. what kind of jelly do you want on yours?

marshal:*puts in movie called 'cats vs unicorns on the moon'* i want me some o'dat strubelly!


cat#1: my daughter,she-she is pregat.

cat#2: we all knew it was gonna happen SOMETIME

cat#1: with a UNICORN!

cat#2: Nooooooo!'

cat#1: i know-its terrible!

cat#2: yes- I'M dating your daughters boyfriend!

cat#1: wait-i just got a message from the rainbows-katarina cant find a bf!


paris: hahahaha! i love this movie! lets watch valentines daty after this! hahaha! seriously!

ak1: or--robots vs space unicorns vs superman......................?

marshal: hey guys--

All: yea?

marshal: im glad were friends. and even more than friends*looks at fionna* and i cant wait until next V-day to get together again.

paris: SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait its just a jelly bean on the floor..haha-NO ITS A SPIDER!!!!!!

finn: GET OUT YOU SICK TIGER FART! *paris,finn,fionna start attacking a jelly bean on the floor*

alice: buscuits are ready!

Snail waves on buscuit

Alice: Jelly Bean biscuits..


Concept Art

Marshall lee FARTen-d47h8ao

Marshal Lees LSB tee

LSB!!!! OH YEAH!!!

Alice's Late Super Bowl outfit