When Silver and Marshall turn from friends to foes, Marshall declares war on the werewolves and the crew has to stop the war.




Werewolf soilders

Vampire soilders

Candy people

Werewolf people

Prince Gumball




  • paris and alice were bored*

paris:gob,its so boring

alice:what do you wanna do

paris:wanna go see what marshall is doing

alice:heck yeah,he is probaly doing something awesome

  • they g see marshall but they find him and axl arguing*

axl:of course im offended,you took m time watch without telling me

marshall:im sorry your time watch looks like a normal pocket watch

axl:it also happened to be my fathers pocketwatch.and besides,you were probly going to try to unlock time travel

marshall:come on it would of been cool

axl:idiotic more like wrong step and you could rend the entire time stream asunder

marshall:did your dad know that when he made it


marshall:then why did he do it!


  • flashback*

vyrus wolf(drunk):yoouuu knooooow,i shooooooooouuld inveeent tiiiime travel*he throws up*

  • flashback ends*

axl:uhhhhhhh lets just say no more about that

marsh:uhhhh why

axl:this is off topic!you stole my freaking time watch.what else have you dine

marsh:well*flashback to 2348*where the heck am i*sign says wolf manor*wait whats that*marsh goes up to a time machine vyrus made.this one is made in the shape of a ferrari*is that a ferrari!thank you rich dead guy*he jumps in and sees its a time machine*its a time machine!thank you rich dead back to the future fan.lets go 88*he turns it on and goes 880 million years ago and he is right next to a t rex*awww crap*fifteen minutes later*dang,t rex steaks taste good