A sharp-dressed troll

A sharp-dressed troll

Trolls are the scum of the internet.

The trolls are a mythical race of humanoid creatures. They serve their ruler, Austin who is in charge of destroying the city. The trolls come in many shapes and sizes. Their queen is named Muck and thier King. Trolls plan on destroying the entire internet.


The trolls mostly hail from a small village in the icy cold mountains of what used to be Russia. These are the most dangerous trolls, as they are very strong and resistant to cold and very strong. A sizeable portion of the troll community comes from Scandivia. They used to live in the forrests untill they lost a war against the deer, and were forced to leave.


Trolls realm

Troll land

Trolls are typically not very bright or intelligent. Some of the Northern Scandinavian trolls are pretty clever, however, but their looks can be deceiving, as they typically look somewhat retarded. They are usually not very tall, although there are some very tall trolls guarding the castle of the troll king. When they marry they party for two weeks, at least. As troll parties are very wild, the groom rarely survives the festivities.


The realm of the trolls is a dark and unhappy place. The wheather is chilly and it's always winter throughout the year. This is probably caused by one of the spells cast by Austin I's court wizard. This powerful magician is rumoured to have control over the wheather.