HNI 0060
sup dudes, i'll be writing this with marcelina. if you dont like a part or something, just edit it! =D


Marcelina's friend, Nami , invites everyone over, but is Nami who she says she it? How will everyone escape if the tables are turned?


Major characters

  • Runa
  • Kitten Princess
  • Ember (debut)

Minor characters

  • Bob (Lollipop King)
  • Gary (Rick)
  • Cat
  • Alice
  • Paris
  • AK1
  • Aaron
  • Silver
  • Marshall Lee

Plot/ Transcript

(At Marcelina's house) Alice: No, I'm pretty sure avacado is a fruit

AK: No way! It's a vegetable!



Cat: I think the correct term is fruitable

Jarred: That's not even a word

Paris: Fruitable is totes a word, like smurple

Kitten Princess: Oh my glob, I love smurples! Hey, would a tomato count as a frutab-

*Runa runs in*

Runa: You guys, Namis' got a new appartment!

Marcelina: Woah really? Lets go visit her! You guys wanna come?

Everyone: Yeah!

(On the road)

Runa: Are we there yet?

Marcelina: No

Kitten Princess: Are we there now?

Marcelina: Its only been 2 seconds from the last time someone asked me

Kitten Princess: 1...2...3...4...5 how about now? Its been FIVE seconds

(near the appartment)

Cat: Woah we're pretty close

Paris: Yeah, I can feel the energy...

Cat: What does it feel like?

Paris: Like.... (feels the air) pizza bazels

Cat: No way... I LOVE PIZZA BAGELS (feels the air)

(Jarred walks over)

Jarred: What... are you guys DOING?

Cat and Paris: Trying to feel the pizza bagel energy

(at the entrance)

Alice: Hey AK, what would happen if it was actually NOT Nami and someone else?

AK: Theres no way that would happen, its silly

Alice: Haha yeah


Kitten Princess: What? I WANNA RING IT TOO!

Runa: Fine, we'll ring it together... (puts finger on doorbell)

Kitten Princess: (puts finger on doorbell) Okay on three... One... Two... Three!


Kitten Princess: Hey! Runa cheated!

Runa: Hehe

(door opens)

Nami: Hi

Marcelina: Hey Nami

Runa: NAMI!!

Cat: So um...

Jarred: .....

Nami: Oh thats right! Everyone come in!

(inside the appartment building)

Paris: So where's your room?

Nami: This whole appartment is mine.

Alice: O_O Woah Nami, living like a queen I see

Jarred: So uh Nami right? Heres my birthday wishlist... (big long wishlist rolls to the ground) I mean you don't HAVE to get me anything but I'd like it if-

Nami: Do you guys want soda?

Runa and KP: YEAH YEAH!

Marcelina: (talks to self) Wait... Nami usually gives us water... hmm

Nami: Something wrong Marcelina?

Marcelina: Yeah... you didn't do our secret handshake... you know the one only you and I know?

Paris: (whispers to Alice) This gon be good (sips soda)

Nami: Yeah (sweats) So uh.. how does it go again?

Marcelina: I'll be the one asking questions. Are you the real Nami?

Nami: Uh... well...

Cat: You better tell her what she wants to know

Nami: Yes... I am the real Nami

AK: Start the handshake

(at the wcc)

Marshall: (looks through binoculars) Something weirds' going on there

Aaron: Where let me see

(Marshall hands over binoculars)

Aaron: (looks through binoculars) I could read lips you know...

Marshall: Really? Tell me what they're saying

Aaron: (translating) Ok ....Marcelina says I think Aaron is soo cool. Then Paris says I know right, I wish I was as cool as-

Marshall: Is that really what they're saying?

Aaron: Yeah... either that or something about a fake Nami

Marshall: WHAT? (grabs binoculars) No... this isnt good

Aaron: What? What is it?

Marshall: We got to go help them

(back at Nami's house)

Nami: (does the paty cake hand thing) Patty cake, patty cake

Marcelina: Nope! I'll give you one more try

Nami: Hmmm... (waves hands in air) Ravioli Ravioli, Give me the Formeoli?

Marcelina: No way. You failed, fake Nami! Ha! *sips the soda*

Kitten Princess: Hey, does this soda taste funny to you?

Runa: Hey, I should be on sugar rush right now! What gives? * Looks into cup*

Kitten Princess: I don't feel too good...

Runa: Me... neither... *Runa and Kitten Princess both pass out*

Alice: What did you put in this... so... da... *One by one everyone but Marcelina and Nami passes out*

Nami: Finally, it took you dorks long enough. Nighty-night, loser-berry. *Marcelina passes out*

(comercial break about soda? lol)

(everyone wakes up in a room. Fake Nami is standing)

Marcelina: Who are you?!

Fake Nami: Bob

Marcelina: ....dood are you a troll or what?

Fake Nami: Does THIS answer your question? LEG OF GOAT

Everyone: *gasp*

Cat: But WAIT what the ba nay nay was in that soda?

Fake Nami: The most evilest ingredient of all... HIGH FRUCTOCE CORN SYRUP!

Everyone: *gasp*

Fake Nami: Save the for later

Kitten Princess: *gasp* Oh wait...

Nami/Bob: *facepalm* Just... just go into your terror rooms.

Everyone: (Murmurs indistingushiably with things like "Terror Room?", "I don't want to go to a place called a Terror Room", and "I'm hungry" sticking out enough to be heard)

Bobami: UGH! I'M SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS! Guards, please, please, PLEASE just take them to their Terror Rooms before their stupidity rubs off on me.

Alice: Too late.

(SCENE CHANGES to a long stone corridor with a lot of doors)

Kitten Princess: Sowherearewegoingandwhat'saTerrorRoomandisn'tthatBobguyyouworkforsuchaweirdo andhowmuchdoeshepayyouanywayIbetit'snotalotbutitshouldbeifyou'reforcedtocarrypeoplearoundwhilethey'retiedto foldingchairsandbythewaywhat'sthedealwithvillansandtyingpeopletofoldingchairsImeanthere'sprobablythousandsof moresecurewaystotiepeopleupbutit'salwayschairswhyisthatIthinkit'skindofstupidbecause--

Guard: Would you please just SHUT UP?!

KP: Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was bothering you. I'll be quiet now. (After a couple seconds) Soooo...

Guard: Not hearing a lot of shutting up.

Kitten Princess: Wellhowcouldyouhearsomeoneshuttingupanywaybecausewhenyoushutupyou'requietandwecan't hearquietwecanonlyhearnoisebutwhyisthatthatwecanonlyhearnoiseandnotquietIbetit'ssomethingtodowithsoundwaves butIwasn'treallypayingattentionwhenIlearnedaboutthemsoIcan'treallybethejudgeofthat-- *Gets thrown into a gray stone cell but continues talking through the bars on the window* sodoyouknowanythingaboutsoundwavesGaryI thinkyournameisGarybutyounevertoldmesoIdon'tknowforsuresoinmyheadI'mcallingyouGarybecauseyoulooklikeaGary tomeheywaitGarywhereareyougoingthere'snothingtodoinherewaitGarydon'tleaveme!!!

(SCENE CHANGES to a similar coridor where the same guard is carrying a similar chair with a similar load)

Alice: Where are you taking me?!

Guard: You'll see soon enough.

Alice: C'mon, you can tell me.

Guard: No.

Alice: Please?

Guard: What about "no" don't you get?

Alice: The part where you said "no."

Guard: I'm not going to tell you.

Alice: Why not?

Guard: Because you're a prisoner!

Alice: So?

Guard: *sigh* Look kid, I've been through enough already today, trust me. So just be quiet.

Alice: What happened?

Guard: I don't want to talk about it.

Alice: ...........Please tell me?

Guard: NO!!!!!!!! *throws Alice in a cell just like the other one but with a giant zipper floating in the middle*

Alice: (Through the door) What's this zipper for? *Zipper sound* NO! NO!! WHAT THE GLOB MAN!??! GAAAAAHHH

(SCENE CHANGE AGAIN this time with Paris strapped to the chair)

  • gnawing sound*

Guard: Would you quit tryin' to chew through the ropes, kid?!

Paris: NEVER!! Nom nom nom nom......

Guard: Come on, it's obvously not working, why waste the effort?

Paris: Why waste the effort on trying to stop me? Nom nom nom nom......

Guard: Because... Oh, never mind. *Throws Paris in a cell like the other two exept with a horrible smell*

Paris: (through the door) Ugh, what is this smell? Wait... Wait... it smells like that one gas that causes... wait, what does it cause? Why can't I remember?! OH NO!!!

(SCENE CHANGES AGAIN with Runa tied to a miniature pink folding chair)


Guard: (with his hands over his ears, holding the miniature chair by the handle) Will you please shut up?!


Guard: My Glob, with lungs like that you could announce for Wizard Battle. WITHOUT A MICROPHONE!!!!

Runa: Thank you. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH! AH! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guard: THAT WASN'T A COMPLEMENT!!! *Shoves Runa into a cell*

Runa: (through the door) Hey Gary? Is there any food in here?

Guard: What?! How'd you know what she called me?!

Runa: (through the door ) Huh? Who? Oh, did someone else call you Gary too? Of course they did. You just look like a Gary. Hey, wait, you never awnsered my food question.

Gary I mean Guard: *Looks at a clipboard* Oh yes. There's plenty of food in that room. Tons of it.

Runa: (Through the door) Good. I can't really see in here though... oh, I found something... AAAHHH!!! That was a carrot. Ugh... found something else! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Oh my glob, THEY'RE ALL CARROTS!!!!!!!!!

(SCENE CHANGES AGAIN with Marcelina tied to the regular chair)

Marcelina: WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY SISTER, YOU OAF?! *She squirms and kicks out and manages to hit him in the face, but he just ajusts his grip so she can't reach* I'M WARNING YOU!! I'M A POWERFUL WITCH!!

Guard: Fat lot of good that'll do with both your hands tied. And how powerful can you be anyway? You're only what? Seven, eight?

Marcelina: HOW DARE YOU?! I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW---- *Gets inturrupted by being tossed onto the cell floor and landing with a thud* OW!! *looks around* HAH! You idiots gave me a cell with no ceiling?! This is almost too easy. I've got wings. *tries to fly but realizes her wings won't work* What?! What the heck?! WHAT?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY WINGS?! (SCENE CHANGES AGAIN with Silver in the hotseat, relaxing and sipping tea.)

Guard: *Struggles with pulling the weight of a full grown man plus a folding chair*

Silver: You could untie me and I could just walk.

Guard: You know perfectly well why I can't do that. You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Silver: Slightly. *sips his tea*

Guard: Where the heck did you get the tea-- You know what? Forget it. (grumbles under his breath) Lucky this one's not all the way at the end of the hallway.


Guard: What the heck was that?

Silver: A combination sneeze and howl. You wouldn't happen to have a cat here, would you? I'm slightly allergic.

Guard: Must be why they put you in this cell.

Silver: Hmm?

  • A door shuts, revealing that Silver was being shoved into his cell the entire time he was talking. The entire thing is full of cats, ranging from newborn kitten to elderly, Egyptian Hairless to Persian, and everything in between*
  • Silver slams into the door and slides down it, eventually standing back up as the Neutralizer, as seen in Multi-Silver and the Cats*

The Neutralizer: *Points an imaginary gun at the Egyptian Hairless cat* Prepare to be neutralized.

Guard: Weirdo.


Cat: ......

Gary: .........

Cat: ............

Gary: Out of all of these freaks, you are the most normal.

Cat: I'm new.

Gary: Of course. Well, here's your cell.

Cat: Thanks.

Gary: Bye.

Cat: Wait! Aren't you going to turn the lights on?

Gary: Sorry. Terror Room. You must live your greatest fear. Bye now.

(SCENE CHANGES ONCE MORE to Kitten Princess alone in her cell)

  • Slumps aganst the wall*
  • Leans forward until laying on the floor*
  • Shoves away from the wall with her feet*
  • Rolls over and stares at the celling*
  • Kicks the wall*
  • Rolls back over and lays with her chin in her hands*
  • Realeses hands and puts face on floor*
  • Sits up*
  • Stands uuup and walks to the wall*
  • Hits head against the wall*
  • Walks to the other wall and hits head against it*
  • Repeats step 11*

Kitten Princess: THIS IS THE WORST!!!!

Voice: I agree.

KP: Huh? Is that my subconscious?

Voice: No, I'm Ember. I'm in the cell next to you.

KP: My subconscious is named Ember?

Ember: No, I'm a person. My name is Ember.

KP: Oh. Nice to meet you!

Ember: Yeah, nice to meet you too. So, what's your fear? Mine is bur.. the loss of my family necklace I could'nt take it, it was a very valuable gift.

KP: Oh, I don't know, there's absoulutly nothing in this cell. And I'm SO BORED!!! Right now, if we were like ninety billion floors up and if there was a window, I would probably jump out of it just for something to do!!!

Ember: That must be your fear, then.

KP: Ninety billion floor high windows?

Ember: No, boredom.

KP: Oh. Well, it didn't work very well cause I've got you to talk to.

  • Ember stops talking for a long time*


Ember: Sheesh, relax. I was just testing it. Yeah, your fear is boredom.

KP: Huh. I never knew. I guess the Bob the troll guy knows me better than I do!!

Ember: Yeah, I guess. So, do you know a way out of here?

KP: No. Wait, give me a second... Just let me look around... Yeah.

Ember: Did I just hear you say yes?

KP: Yeah, I'm good at escaping junk. There's a loose brick here. Now, just moving the brick itself wouldn't be enough to escape, of course, but by looking at the motar, I can tell that we can dissolve the glue that holds the bricks together with saliva. So basicly, lick the walls and they'll fall down.

Ember: That was smart thinking , good job.

  • they both lick the walls and they fall down*

KP: Let's free everyone else!!

Ember: Why not?

  • they go and free almost everyone in the group, and some peeps that aren't in the group*

Kitten Princess: So who wants to go kick some troll butt?

Everyone: ME!!!

Ember: Umm you still didn't tell me your name.

Kitten Princess: I'm Kitten Princess.

Ember: Wow a princess cool man.

KP: Blegh. I'm accually required to introduce myself like that. Call me KP, everyone else does. You know, except, like, my mom, visiting dignitaries, people like that.

Ember: I'd rather call you Kitten Princess, it's more proper.

KP: Ok fine, everyone has their own way.

  • Ember makes a gross face and bends over while holding her stomach*

KP: What's wrong?

Ember: Please don't make me lick a wall unless it is really important. I'm not that kind of type. But I was proud of you since you got us out.

Kitten Princess: Um, doesn't escaping a prison cell count as important?

Ember: True.

The Guard follows the unlocked rooms and found the prisoners.

Guard: Hey get back to your cells! I mean rooms!

Runa: Hey Gary! Hey guys meet Gary

KP: Hey, you call him Gary too?

Runa: Yeah. He just looks like a Gary, doesn't he?

KP: Totally.

Guard: All of you just shut up!! My name is Rick!!      

Runa: ...Really?

KP: Yeah, he really doesn't look like a Rick. Hey, do you mind changing your name? It would make so much more sense.

Guard/Rick/Gary: NO!!  

KP: No you won't change your name, or no you don't mind changing your name?

Guard: THAT'S IT!! *Lunges at Kitten Princess but realizes while he was talking that other people were tying him up*


Cat: There are some people in the cages. Jarrod, Alice and Silver.

Runa:ok. Oh and KP who's your friend?

KP: She's Ember. OK EVERYBODY her name is Ember.

Kp: Stop introducing! I WANNA GO BEAT UP BOB. 

Ember: You and Kitten Princess go beat up Bob, I got some saving to attend to. Someone come with me.

Cat and Paris: We'll go with you!

Ember: Hi what's your name? *running

Cat: I'm Cathy call me Cat :) . *runn Paris: Hi Im Paris! *running :) .

Ember: Call me Ember. Now let's go save the others! *still running

Paris and Cat : Yea! *still running

jared: Guh.. We're stuck here, I guess the others got locked up too.

Cat: Jarod!! * running to Jared's cell/room.

Jared: Cat?? Where are the others?

Paris: Beating up Bob now lets free Alice and Silver! *opening cell

Alice: AHHHHH!! What's with this HOLE???!!I Wish I still had my powers!

Cat and Paris: Alice!! *opens cell door

Alice: Wha?? Where are the others?? O_O

Ember: No time follow me!! *runs to other cells

Alice: Who-

Cat: *gets Alice out of cell* No time Alice we gotta save Silver!!

  • they go to silvers cell and they hear yelling*

Alice:I think he is in a alternate personality.let him out and he could try to kill us.

Ember:maybe he wont* opens his cell and he pops out with a katana trying to kill them*

The neutralizer:y'all will be neutralized

Alice:aww crap

  • Jarod knocks silver out but he wakes up a moment later*



Marcelina is slamming herself into the door repeatedly - VVHY. VON'T. THIS. DOOR. FUDGING. OPEN. UP. It's locked tight. And my vvings von't vvork for some odd reaon, and I guess I can climb out, but my nails aren't sharp enough to clavv into the brick......So, ufortunatly that leaves my final option.....

timeskip to about 17 minutes later. Marcelina is in animal form climbing up the vvall and finally makes it to the top.

Marcelina- F-finally. I. made. i-i-it to t-the t-t-t top. Hm...[notices a door at the end of the hallvvay.] VVhat the.....[hears soft crying from inside the room] N-Nami..NAMI

Alice: Never mind.

  • They all go join the rest and when they get to bobs Room he is in a giant spider/squid/crab/monkey bot

KP: Heh. You look funny!!

Bob: How you?! With this suit, I have all of the powers of the combined animals!! I have the agility of the monkey, the protective shell of the crab, and most important of all, THE CREEPY-NESS OF THE SPIDER!!

Alice: So why are you part squid Bob: I'm part squid?

Paris: Um, yeah. You didn't know that?

  • Bob looks down at his robot suit and realizes he is, in fact, part squid*

Silver:you are an idiot for not realizing that.a bigger idiot than micheal bay and I'm not even sure how that is possible.

Bob:you won't be laughing when I hit you with this Gary will turn into gary my guard y'all beat up.what could be worse than that.

Rick:my name is Rick and I am highly offended. to kill these squirts,but first!* throws a rock at silver and he wakes up a second later in a new personality.*

Silver:OWWWW!where is the guy who hit me!

Alice:what?silver are you ok?

Silver:who is silver?i am not silver I am the night I am Wolfman!

Paris:oh no

  • jared hits silver on the head*

Paris:oh my glob.i thought we would be in double the trouble

Bob:hmmm what to do... I know.turn Alice human and erase any hope of her getting her powers back

  • blasts a humanfication ray but jarrod throws silver in front of alice and he gets hit

Alice: Umm.. Is this gonna end good,tragic or terrible?

Ember: Tragic and terrible are likely desame.

Alice: Oh...

Silver: Hm?? What happened to me? I do not look like myself.

Cat: Oh! Silver!! You're a.. a...

Bob: Shaddup!! The shocking drama is over!! PERISH!! *wraps Cat,Paris and Alice in web.

Paris: What the lump DUDE!! When I get out I'm gonna MESS you up!

Jared: Dude Silver you're a human! *looks at Silver in awe.

Silver: I am?? What???? How did this happen?

Ember: As this troll states his ray, it's called Humanfication Ray or whatever it's called to him.. You.

Jared: Me? Oh me!! Call me Jarrod, Ember.

Ember: Jarrod has thrown this once a werewolf man in front of Alice, the ray hit him and turned him into a human am I right troll?


Runa: HEY BOB!! Let go of Paris,Cat and ALICE!!!! Hits Bob*


Rick: tied up* Weirdo.. Why did I even go here for a job? 

Kitten Princess: *Jumps at Bob and kicks him in the face, We outnumbered you TROLL!!

  • Alice was able to move her hand and she rips the web off

Bob: OWWWW!! Nooo!!! You broke my web!!

Cat: Bob you don't understand that you can easily break web.

Paris: whispers - idiot..

Alice: Hahaha absent-minded!! jerk! :D


Silver:oh yea

  • bob blasts silver with a different ray and he is now a girl*

Silver:aww crap

Bob:guess now your silverbabe the werewolf queen

  • silver gets angry and pulls bob out of the machine

Silver:turn me back into a boy or i will do the worst thing imaginable

  • bob presses a button on his wrist abd the ray explodes*

Bob:whatcha going to do now.youre just a girl

Silver:i will put you in a black hole then put a supernova in it.imagine you always reforming never dieing always burning

Bob:hey,can i say something.

Silver:pick your words wisely

Bob:nice bust.

Silver:who wants to help me throw this scumbag into a blackhole with a supernova


Bob:ok what ever*he blasts a laser pointer into both of silvers eyes then breaks her leg.

Silver:Aww bloody ell.that hurt.*bob is running away*

Alice:do we stop bob or help silver

Silver:go kill bob.ill be ok.*marshall and aaron apear fron the darkness with bob*

Marshall:do you need this guy.



Aaron:and one with a

Silver:if you want to keep existing you wont speak another word

  • silver tries to stand up but falls down because her leg is broken*

Silver:CRAP!god dang it my fracking leg is broken.and that troll ruined my eyesight.marsh can you hand me a cane and some glasses

Marshall:i have a cane.ak hand her some glasses.wait where is ak.

  • ak runs into the room

Ak:here*hands silver glasses*also why didnt yall rescue me!


  • silver opens a portal to a different deminsion*

Silver:yo alice you gonna help me or not

Alice:yes*alice throws bob into a black hole and silver puts a supernova in the black hole*that was awesome

Silver:yeah.wish i was a guy again.

Kp:something is happening to rick

Rick:you broke the curse*rick turns into a potatoe* i will dance for you.*patatoe rick starts dancing and the episode ends*

Finnish later ;D you can help if you want

Notes ( will delete after)


Alice- Fly of Dispair (click da link) (never ending hole of creepy-ness)

AK- spiders (room with huge spiders)

Silver- Cats (room full of cats)

Paris- dorwning, losing some peepz she cares about, losing memory (okie dokie so a room where she is drowning and the peoplez are in trouble but she cant help cause she doesnt remember them)

Cat- the dark xD (room with da monsters)

Aaron-women ( room wit da women o_o) lol

Kitten Princess: boredom (room with da nothing to do)

Ember- Loss of family necklace, The end of Ooo and Aaa,War against Ooo and Aaa. Failing to help someone in dangerous trouble. ( room without necklace and she's stuck in a chair and can't get out to help someone in trouble.)

y'all can change dis if you want to change the fear  

if ya want to write your character's part add it to the comments and i'll put it in! =D    

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