Todd is a student that Cat teaches to be kind hearted and honest in the episode School Time Reverse.


Todd is a 8 year old human. He has brown hair and brown eyes.


He looks like an inocent child at first, but he will try to steal anything he can get a hold on. He also likes to trick people and prank them. More to be added...


  • Speed - Todd is very fast
  • Quick thinking - He has an excuse to almost everything :P
  • dunno if ability: Todd can take things without anyone noticing until later


Todd was raised by a rich family but ran away because he didn't like the rules. Cat found him durring her trip to the City of Theives and brought him to (add place here) to help him be a better person. More to be added......


  • Cat- Todd does not like Cat. He takes advantage of her kindness and likes to prank her alot.
  • More to be addedddd..........