To Bet or Not to Bet.





Alice the Wiz and Marcelina09





Marcelina and Alice decide to make a bet, winner $15, loser cleans the bathrooms for a week. Who will win?



(The gang is walking home after a battle with a rock monster.)

Marcelina: That was awesome!!! 

Alice: Booboo!! If you're gonna cough up hairballs, at least do it somewhere not in public! And not by me!!

Marcelina: Calm down, Alice. You need to be more relaxed like me.

Alice: Yeah, right...

Paris: Uh… guys is this really necessary??

Marcelina: And what does that mean?

Alice: I'm way more relaxed then you.

Marcelina: You might be, but almost no one has a style like me.

Alice: Even then you have a problem there. You're always running around and all that junk. I don't even think you can be proper.

Marcelina: Wanna bet?

Alice: Sure, I go a whole day being relaxed and you have to be fancy and proper a whole day. Winner gets $15.00. Loser cleans the bathroom for a week. Deal?

Marcelina: Deal.

Marshall: Oh... this is gonna end well...

(The next day, both girls wake up with confidence on their faces with Alice speaking to Booboo and Marcelina to Runa.)

Marcelina: Haha!! Oh Runa, the blue wearing....

Alice: ....tomboy is not going to beat me! For I have something she doesn't have...

Marcelina: Patience and I'm perfectly...

Alice: Relaxeation. If she thinks she can win than she is...

Marcelina: ...sadly mistaken, dear Runa. And so...

Alice: ...with all the power I have...

Marcelina: ...she will....

Alice: ...never...

Alice & Marcelina (in unison): Beat me! (sigh) this is gonna be a long day.

(Several minutes later, let's say about at 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. Each girl shows up with Alice and BooBoo and Marcelina, dressed fancy, and Runa.)

Marcelina *smirk*: Ready to lose?

Alice: I was gonna ask you the same thing.

Marcelina: Well me and Runa better get to winning-

Alice: Wait just a second! I don't really believe you'll follow the bet.

Paris: She does have a point...

Marcelina *thinking*: Crap!

Paris: How about this, Isabella you watch Macyia and I'll follow Ali to make sure they each follow the bet, and no one cheats.

Isabella: Sure ok, I always did want to see Macyia's closet...

Paris: Let's do this!

(Everyone begins to walk off then...)

Runa: Psst, Booboo.

BooBoo: Yeah?

Runa: I have an idea. If we both get them to crack and lose we can split the $15, Deal?

BooBoo: DEAL! >:D

Runa: Let the games begin.

Marcelina: Runa!!!

Runa: Coming!!

(At Marcelina's House)

Marcelina: Alright I can do this. I can be lady-like. Runa I need you to- Isabella! What are you doing!?

Isabella: Oh nothing! Just checking out your closet!!!

Marcelina: Of all the people to get paired up with......Runa are you paying attention!?

Runa: Of course dear sister. But, I'm sure you're hungry, so here is some pea-soup.

Marcelina: Pea soup?? Are you sure there isn't any pizza or some burgers or ANYTHING?

Runa: Tsk tsk, a lady never eats such foods or raises her voice at all.

Marcelina: *sigh*

(At Alice's place)

Alice: This is gonna be so easy! I'm so gonna win!

Paris: I don't know Alice. You know how Macyia is. I suggest that you should stay far away from Booboo for a while so you won't be tempted to yell at him.

Alice: Oh please. I can be next to Booboo with out- *calm-ish voice* Booboo what are you doing????

BooBoo: Oh nothing, dear friend I'm just simply sharpening my claws on this little sofa chair. Of course you wouldn't mind, now would you?

Alice: *slightly peeved* No, of course not.

BooBoo: Perfect then!

Alice: Ugh....

Paris: Just take it easy...that couch didn’t look so good anyway.

(Later that day, Runa connects to Booboo via. thingy??)

Runa: Booboo, it's me, Runa she still hasn’t cracked yet. How are you doing with Alice?

Booboo: Not so good either, we need to get them over the edge, something big.

Runa: Or better yet to a timer. Come to the field quick.

(At the field)

Booboo: Are you sure this plan is gonna work?

Runa: Of course! I'll get Marcelina and Alice.

(Gets them)

???: Muwhahahhaah!!!!!!

Marcelina: WHAT THE WHAT!!!!/!?!!

IK: A princess!!! Finally I found one!!!

Alice and Marcelina: Who? Me or her?

IK: The one with the black hair!!

Marcelina and Runa: Who me? Or do you mean her?


Marcelina: Ohh~~me! Wait ME!?

IK: Well duh, silly!

Marce: But I'm not a princess!! We've been over this!!

IK: Geez Princess. You shouldn't deny you're princess ness!

Marce: Ice King! You have this beating co--

Runa: Macyia! You can't fight because of the bet remeber!

Booboo: Hey Runa, our plan is working better than I imagined!

Alice: Booboo. YOU DID THIS?

Booboo: Whoops I guess I forgot to mention that. Runa did you forget to mention that?

Runa *innocent looking*: Whoops. I also forgot to mention.

Alice: BOOBOO!!

Marcelina: RUNA!!

Marcelina & Runa *in unison*: FORGET THE BET!!

(Marcelina attacks Ice King and Alice complains at Booboo)

Marcelina: I needed to get my violence out.

Alice: Booboo you are sooo gonna get it when we get home.

Runa: Oh I should've mentioned this earlier. Because you both quit at first you both have to clean the bathroom. And me and Booboo get $15 outta both of you.

(At the WCC bathroom)

Marcelina: This completely sucks.

Alice: We need to get back at Runa and Booboo somehow.

Marcelina: its okay, I left them in a pink sphere for 3 hours. They'll be okay food and water can get i but they can't get out.

(Scene to the sphere)

Runa: $15 was so worth it.

Booboo: Yeah.


  • Ice King thinks Marcelina is a princess.
  • It's unknown how Runa and Booboo got ahold of Ice King. And it's unknown how the get $15 when the wasn’t even established in the bet.