The Wall is the place near the crater in the land of Ooo. it is located near the badlands. Behind the wall, is a notorious court where Lollipop_king and his army of hammers live. The court is an insane, fucked-up land, where the people of Ooo are sent if they have done something terribly wrong. There, they will experience all the insanity of the court, and listen to pink floyds the wall. in the end, everyone who is found guilty, will be killed by the wall ITSELF.

Pink Floyd The Wall by Emrat

The Wall.

``creatures`` in the court.

  • The schoolmaster: an insane puppet, who can transform into an hammer
  • the lady: an crasy, senile bitch, that can transform into anything she desires
  • the prosecutor: an ugly mother, who is an cross dresser.
  • the judge: an screaming, insane old judge, that is completely crasy.
  • hammer army: an army of hammers.
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    the lady.

    Pink Floyd-The Wall

    the schoolmaster

    Wall 2

    the judge.

    the war eagle:an gigantic metal eagle.
    War eagle pink floyd

    the war eagle.

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    the prosicutor.