The Valley Of Imbeciles






Paris the Adventurer



This is the eighth episode of AT:What time is it?


Wizard of Cupcake Mountain(and his seagull Mr.Cranford) --Parry Gripp

$p@ce UnIcOrN!! --Parry Gripp


  • Paris
  • Isabella
  • Fionna
  • Tiffany(Valley Girl--of pink/leader/bras)
  • Jaycee(Valley Girl--of the sea/mermaids)
  • Ashly(Valley Girl--of texting/hair)
  • Melony(Valley Girl--of sky/fashion)
  • Stacey(Valley Girl--of party/gossip)
  • Marshall Lee
  • Party guy


When Paris, Isabella, and Fionna are separated from a party, they get lost into New Joy Z show, where they meet valley girls with freaky addictions to style.


(the song space unicorn is playing in the back round)

Isabella: C'mon Paris, get up and dance!

Paris: Yeah umm- I just goto parties to like-i dunnuo eat and talk..and complain about the music..

Isabella: (rolls eyes) Oh-kaayy but I'm gonna sneak a dance with Marshal Lee, Fionna keeps hogging him!

Party guy: wanna dance?

Paris:Umm I don't like to dance..It's... uh... I'm complicated.

(The scene cuts to Isabella, Fionna, and Marshall)

Fionna:Hey! I was dancing with him!

Isabella: Well that's nice hun. Now go and play with your cat or look at pics of Gumball.

Marshall: Ha ha ha!! You look at pics of GUMBUTT!!! Woah Fionna--

Fionna:But I-uh umm can do the science dance! (does the sciene dance). Awww yeah!

(Isabella and Marshall walk away and start dancing like crazy while Fionna and Paris chat constantly.)

(Later at 10:17 pm)

(Fionna and Paris leave while Isabella is dragged with them. Then, they see sparkles they want to kidnap.)

Fionna: Lets squish em!!

(They chased them until they came to a portal with a bunch of plink glitter, beer bottles, and makeup swiling inside.)

Isabella: Huh. Looks like Joy Z to me. Lets go inside. Oh! Maybe we can see Stacey and Ashly take New Arck!

Paris: What? THAT show? Isabella, why that show?

Isabella: They're the Kardashian's great-great-great-great-GREAT great great great great grand daughters.

(They go inside the portal to see a newly referbished New Jersy except everything is panted pink with beach houses and beaches eveywhere.)

Isabella: Woah! Oh my gosh! It's Tiffany, Jaycee, Ashly, Melony, and Stacey!

Paris: What?! Oh my glob. They're coming over here...

Tiffany: Eww!! Look at these poor homeless rats!! Let's take them to our Party Pad to take care of them.

Stacey: Yeah, Then we can party with all of my ex-boyfriends and my other boyfriends!

Jaycee: KK Girls! Brb I'll be at Venus Beach, I've got a date with Brock AND Chad!

(At party pad)

Ashly: I just texted Renee to give Izzy a WHOLE new style!! First pampering then texting!

Fionna: Ugh! Gross! Is that makeup?

Paris: EW!! I think those are bras too! WITH EYE LINER! I'm out of this flippin' creepy place!

Tiffany: Oh my glob-you guys are SUCH boys! You're not leaving until your one of US.

Fionna: Oh Yeah?! Well i'm going to high five YOUR FACE!

Melony: No way creme brolea! (she slaps fionna really hard)

Paris: Oh my glob. Um... I'll be one of you gals!! Sisters before Misters right?

(Melony chains up Fionna and takes Paris into the Cloud Kingdom where they all 'specialize' on her.)

Tiffany: Okay babe. First, pink gloss. Then, pink lip stain with extra glitter (she puts on pink makeup)

Ashly: Ugghhh your hair is sooooo gross it looks like sardine grease with blonde coffee stains (she fixed Paris's hair)

Melony: Oh! This sleeveless hotpink top goes GREAT with short shorts, mini skirts, and thigh socks!

Paris: Yeah girls this is sooo amazing!!! Just like Brad and his muscles!! Hehee! 

Ashly: Oh my glob gals! I just gotta text from Jaycee! She broke up with Jeremy who got with Melony!

Stacey: Oh gosh Melony! You know I like Jer-bear! You (cencers with cloud people and party god party noise)!!

Melony: I though you like Mo-Ron, Cooper, and Jeremy! Oh wait--you like them all. You are SUCH A PENGUIN POO!

Paris: OMG YOU GUYS! Stop fighting your breaking the family APART!! I know! REFRESHMENT TIME!!

All: Yea-ah!! (get drinks)

Paris: KK guys brb Im gonna tell Jaycee that Melony just broke up wth Perry, Jerald, and Tyler!


(Fionna wiggles out of chains and gets Isabella who is now brainwashed into a Valley girl.)

Isabella: OMG your outfit looks like a snow wizards belly button!! HAHAHAAA!! Sicko!!

(Fionna slaps her)

Fionna: Snap outta it man, where's Paris!?

Isabella: The partiest place ever! It's made of Cotton Candy!! You're not on the list loser btw!

Fionna: Hmm... WAIT! Of course!

(Fionna finds Melony's pouch with flying powder and goes to cloud kingdom with a brainwashed Isabella. The valley girls then see Fionna and tie her to a ugly pink stylist chair where Paris is supposed to style her.)

Fionna: EWW!!! NO! Ugh! NO PINK, OR BRAS, OR LIPSTICK!! My sword!!

Paris: Oh my glob stop being a such a BOY (cuts the rope) and start being a--MAN!

(Fionna and Paris run while dragging Isabella on the glossy floors)

PJ (Party Gods son): Hey ladies, let's say we hitch this ride out of town, and go to MY place. What about it?

Fionna: Um...uh... Paris?

Paris: (slaps PJ) NO YOU POO BRAIN!!!

(Then they arive at the beach)

Jaycee: Make up your mind! Valley girl or mermaid?!

Isabella: How bout BOTH!

Jaycee: Hold up (reads text) Of course we can get back together Brad! (looks at girls) hes soooo hot!

Paris: (whispers) Fionna ! have an idea!

(They then get a bunch of beach mud in the water and throw it at all the Valley Girls in New Joy Z.)

(At the Party Pad)

Fionna: Woah! (looks at computer)

( A snail on the computer waves)

Paris: Oh Fionna. If you only knew everything. Hey! A phone! (calls Marshal Lee)


Fionna: So he's coming in 5 minutes?

Paris: Yep.

Fionna: Perfect time to wake up Izzy. We need mud, action movies, and pizza. Ingredients to a tomboy!

(In enough time, they were able to make Isabella normal again)

Isabella: Thanks guys, and Fionna. I owe you a pic of Marshal Lee and Gumball.

Fionna: Shmowzow! Duuuude...that's okay... Heheheh.

Isabella: To being stupid! (song wizard of cupcake mountain plays in backround)

All: To being stupid!

Marshall: What pics of me?

Isabella: Um... one of the valley girls REALLY admires you! It's girls stuff.

Marshal Lee: Ugh. Pink and glitter! It's like Gumbutt's royal bathroom in here.

Fionna: Hahahah yeah. Want to go throw mud at the valley girls?

All: YEAH!!!!

(Then a zoomed in window appers where Tiffany does the PHIL FACE)

(The episode ends)