The Sleeper is an undead creature formed from The Lich's particles. He is k
The Sleeper

The Sleeper

nown for his ability to absorb his victims and torment them by invading their thoughts and dreams. Although he was created by the Lich, The Sleeper and the Lich have different plans in mind, wherein The Lich wishes to destroy the inhabitants of Ooo, while The Sleeper wishes to absorb their souls and be the most feared creature in all of Ooo.


The Sleeper wears a tattered purple robe with a wing like design and dirt stains. He has a dark grey bandage that wraps all around his neck and abdomen. His hands and head are that of a skeleton, and tilts his head at a 45° angle, and wears a huge grin on his face.


When the Lich was creating his well of power, he transfered his own particles to the solution. When the Lich gained his full powers, a shadowy creature emerged from the pool, taking a form of a skeleton wearing a well
Sleeper invading dream

The Sleeper invading his victim's dream

designed purple robe. When the Lich saw what he made, he tried to form an alliegance to destroy the inhabitants of the Land of Ooo. The sleeper however, wanted to absorb the people to strengthen his weak form. Knowing that The Sleeper could interfere with his plans, he attempted to destroy his creation. The Sleeper escaped and fled across the land of Ooo, leaving a trail of smoke, and those who inhaled the smoke began falling asleep. He found a cave to buy himself enough time to regain his strength, and started haunting all of his victims, absorbing their souls. But before he could finish, The Lich found him and an epic battle took place. Even though The Sleeper grew unbelievably strong, The Lich was still stronger. The battle reached the depths of the Underworld where the The Lich used a great amount of his power to seal The Sleeper, putting him in a deep sleep where he was thought to be held for the remainder of his deathless life.


The Sleeper, at many times, is cold, ruthless, and shows no sign of mercy to every living being. Although he is meant to be a copy of The Lich, he is shown to have a good sense of humor and laughs hysterically at many situations, including his imprisonment by The Lich.


Black Water Fog - The Sleeper is followed by a trail of sleep inducing smoke.

Hover - The Sleeper levitates above the ground.

Finger of Torment - The Sleeper points at his foes, causing great pain all over their body, as if there is something clawing at them from the inside.

Shadowmancy - The Sleeper can transform himself into any shadow he desires.

Ethreal Form - The Sleeper can change between his physical form, which allows him to use spells is vulnerable to physical damage, and his ethreal form, which does not allow him to use spells, but makes him immune to physical damage.

Deathless - The Sleeper is undead, allowing him to cheat death.

Reanimate Dead- The Sleeper is able to awaken every corpse in its vicinity, making them serve him for a long period of time.

Death Gaze -The Sleeper paralyzes anything that stares directly at his eyes for a few seconds.

Scream of Pain - The Sleeper lets lose a deafening laugh that can heard all throughout the land.


  • The Sleeper is probably the reason why The Lich was defeated by Billy in the first place, as The Lich was greatly weakened after sealing him in the Underworld.
  • When The Sleeper enters a dream, he is seen without his robe, revealing his body wrapped in bandages and short wings sticking out of his back.
  • He greatly despises anybody having a direct relation to The Lich.
  • Of all creatures, The Sleeper hates trolls the most.