The Rockers is a season 1 episode written by Coley.boyd


When Alice, Symin, AK1, Paris, and Isabella start a band they decide to enter the battle of the bands to find fame and money.


  • AK1
  • Paris
  • Isabella
  • Alice
  • Marshall
  • Symin
  • Marceline
  • Silverbane
  • Jared
  • Fionna
  • The Trippers
  • Garks
  • The Fighters
  • Finn
  • Flame Princess
  • Jake
  • Cake
  • Music Ninjas


Symin(in his head)now I bet your wondering why music ninjas are attacking us.and I will tel you began months ago


Paris:where we're going?

Issabella:symins house

Ak:why are we going there.

Alice:Symin invited me there and he said I could bring a few friends.

Paris:good enough explanation to me.

Alice:we may have a problem


Alice:apearently the werewolf kingdom is up in the sky.

  • they look up and see a flying kingdom

Paris:a problem? That's a understatement.this is a ... a.... I don't have the words to describe this

Alice:I can fly us up there

Issabella:when did you get you powers back

Alice:uhh*in head:can't tell them that I used silvers time watch to get them back.itwill become a fiasco and worst of all silver will hunt me down.*puts hands in pockets* oh no I still have the watch.

Issabella:so,how did you get your powers back

Alice:GMW gave them back

Ak:good enough for me.

Alice:now let's fly

  • every one grabs on to Alice as they fly up there and look for symins house.

Paris:there it is

Alice:ok we will be landing.thank you for using air have made a great choice.we hope y'all will get back on soon.

Ak:waoh tis is symins house*a outrageously huge mansion is seen

Issabella:it says press button

Paris:I guess that means press the button

Ak,issabella and Alice:no it might be a

  • paris pushes it and a trap door opens and fall into it and land in a cage