The nyxan realm is a demention accessed by following the instructions imprinted inside of the untitled manuscript. the nyxan realm is comprised of an endless nyx forest, and is inhabited by nyxians instead of dentrites.


the nyxan realm is accessed by following the instructions imprinted inside of the untitled manuscript, which read as follows:

unite the five brothers, and make use of their gifts. the gifts will unite your soul with your mind, and lead you to the arch. the archs curve will reveal all you see, but in order to obtain what you seek, you must find what you cannot see. the brothers gifts will aid you in finding the final gift, which belongs to the forest's creator. return his shield, and he shall give you his blessing, for which you can use to pass through the arch unseen.


the nyxan realm is inhabited by the nyxians, which are beings that resemble soul of the harvest's, and mainly wander around the realm. they interact wiht others by speaking in a language mainly consisting of clicks and vibrations made by clicking branches in the throat area together.

the nyxan realm is also inhabited by root snakes and root spiders.


other than nyxians, magic is still present in the nyxan realm. however, dentrites are not present, as pure spirits cannot exist within the nyxan realm. the only geographical features include mountains that have root trees growing out of them, and flat plains filled with root trees. wells exist, but do not need dentrites to form them.