Dentrites, orb form 001

two dentrites in orb form, one light and one dark

The Nyx forest is an ancient forest that was infused with magical energies after the events of "the great mushroom war". it is located in a section outside of the plains lands, and appears in both Ooo and Aaa. It's outskirts are guarded by root komodo dragons, which patrol the outskirts of the forest for trespassers before they get deeper into the forest. It's trees appear knotted and sprawling, much like a tangleroot, which is discussed later in this article. the only sounds that inhabit this forest is the creaking of the root trees in the wind, and the wind itself, which is muffled by a thick, low fog that covers the floor of the entire forest.The forest is inhabited by a species of spiritual orbs called Dentrotic beings, (dentrotic, using the greek word "dentro", meaning "tree" and the greek word "necro", meaning "dead", to form the word "Dead tree".) which are beings that can only posess the forms of dead trees, and manipulate them to form different types of "dentrites" (the name for individuals of the dentrotic species). The nyx forest is also believed to be a gateway to a sort of "nyx dimension", which can be accessed by following the instructions of an untitled powerful manuscript, which is believed to be hidden inside fo the chest of the root king.

DENTRITES (orb form)

When dentrites have no plant form to take on, they appear as a ball of glowing energy with a symbol in the middle, to determine where the specific spirit was birthed. some dentrites are good, and some are
Dentrite symbols 001
bad. this is determined by the color of the dentrite's energy. good spirits are yellow, and bad spirits are purple. there are five different types of spirits, each characterized by which region of the Nyx forest they came from. The symbols, starting fromt the top and moving clockwise, are North, East, South, West, and Center, meaning that the symbol reveals which part of the forest the spirit was located in when it was born. dentrites also have the ability to telepathically play eerie music within visitor's heads, and when visiting, this can be heard: 1

DENTRITES (sub-types, tangleroot)

when a tree is taken over by a dentrite, the dentrite can choose what that tree will form into, with the spirit inside of it. most bad spirits choose the tangleroot, which looks like a regular tree in teh Nyx forest, but is actually a tool used by bad spirits to lure in victims, and crush them with its roots.

Dentrite, tangleroot form 001

when a dentrite decides that he/she wants to make a home, they pick the spot which they want to occupy, and then using their magical powers, they extend teh roots of nearby trees, and envelope themselves in it, creating an identical tree. this tree is not a normal tree, as normal trees do not have a glowing center, but trees occupied by dentrites have a glowing core that matches the color of the dentrite.


when a dentrite wants to capture a prey item, it must wait for the prey to pass by. when it does, the tangleroot unwinds all of its branches, which actually are ablut three or four individual stretched out roots, and it then surrounds its roots around the prey. then, these roots move back into their original positions, thus crushing the prey. the dentrite must then wait about four days for teh prey to decay enough before it can appear like a normal tree again in order to capture another victim.

DENTRITES ( sub-types, illumination roots)

illumination roots are often good spirits taht wish to guide or light the way for humans or other intelligent beings through the Nyx forest. they will remain high in the air, and then they will wrap roots around them

Illumination root 001

an illumination root, the spirit is on the top

to make a structure that resembles a lamp post. they can still speak in this form.

DENTRITES (sub-types,well guardian type one)

well guardians can come in two forms, and can only be made from good spirits. the first form is called a well cage, also known as a "guardian cage" or "root cage" these ar
Dentrite well guardians 001
e roots that sink into the ground, and take the shape of a loop. once a tresspasser intrudes and steps into the loop, the roots move and surround the intruder, forming a cage made of roots. cage spirits have different ways of treating the now captured tresspasser. some wait in cage form until the victim dies, and others just sink into the ground with the intruder inside of it, crushing them as punishment for tresspassing upon sacred well territory.

DENTRITES (sub-types, well guardian type two)

the second form of well guardian is known as a well whip, also known as a "guardian whip" or "roo
Dentrite well guardians 002
t whip". these types of well guardians are often closer to the wells, past the well cages. well whips are often wrapped around trees to disguise them as vines, only to uncoil and wrap themselves around their victim and crush them, or throw them around, and other things of that manner. the spirits that form well whips form them low to the ground, so they can have more "whip" to defend themselves and the well that tehy are assigned to guard.


the Nyx forest is full of magic, so much that it is practically all around the forest, and some areas have more concentrated magic than others, and these areas are often the sites of wells, obelisks, and portals. when this magic is visible, it gives off a hue similar ot whatever type of magic is being used, yellow if light, and purple if dark. there is also a green hue, indicating that the magic of this color is neutral magic. neutral magic has no side, and is often used to form wells, obelisks, and portals. however, neutral magic CAN change color depending on use.


wells are formed when one spirit from each location in the forest decide to combine into one spirit, that envelopes itself into roots that form a small pool of energy, for which that energy can be extracted for magical purposes. wells are guarded by well guardians. only those who the well detects have mystical powers is allowed to enter safely. those who do not have mystical abilities are classified as tresspassers, and are therefore punished for entering without any magical abilities.


obelisks are only located in the center of each location in the forest, and that obelisk can only channel the powers of spirits from that location, so the obelisk that belongs the the "North" area can only channel the powers of "North" spirits. however, magical beings other than dentrites can channel power through all obelisks. the obelisks were made from the first of each type of spirit, so that they could create more of their kind by utilizing the magic that floated freely throughout the forest to create more dentrites, like a nebula creates stars from surrounding gasses. obelisks also chanenel magic into the sky.


portals can be made from dentrites anywhere, however, each type of spirit portal can only link with another spirit portal of the same type, so a "north" spirit portal can only connect with another "north" spirit portal. these portals, however, are random. so you can turn up anywhere that another portal of the same type lies. so a "north" portal created in the "east" section can link to another "north" portal in the "center" section.


the root king is a being of similar looks to the dungrove elder, as it is a being comprised of roots, but it is actually a nyxian bound to stay in the central area of the nyx forest. the root king is rumored to be alive due to the fact that he feeds off of the magic generated by the untitled manuscript, which is rumored to reside in the root kings chest, only to be given to the one he chooses, or unless he is defeated. it is estimated that the root king's defeat will be the end of the forest's magic, as it is estimated that the root king spreads the manuscript's power throughout the forest.


  • the Nyx forest is a wizard's favorite place to replenish their magic and to think in isolation.
  • Nyx means "dark" in greek.
  • the dentrites are classified as ents when they posess trees, but when alone, they are classified as orbs