The Mission To Die For is an episode that takes place dirrectly after the events of Dark Operations.


Aaron and Marshall Lee go behind the others' backs and fin d themselves on the deadliest mission yet...


  • the scene starts after Dark Opperations*

Aaron:Oh hey Marshall

Marshall Lee:Wasup dude

Ak1*muffled cause he's in another room*:Hey guys can I see you two in private...


  • both walk into room*

Marshall Lee:What's wrong Ak???

AK1:Regarding your last mission...I was about to send you on a simalar mission...but...


Marshall Lee:Tell us!!!

AK1:It's too guys could get killed...

Marshall Lee:Um...I don't think it's possible to kill me OR Aaron...

AK1:Marshall I am not sending you and Aaron on this mission...end of convo.

Aaron:Awwww man!

  • Marshall and Aaron walk out of room*

Aaron:Man I really wanted to know what that mission thing was about.

Marshall Lee:Oh I know what it was T _ T


Marshall Lee:I'm a Vampire...I have mind powers...

Aaron:Whoa...anyways what was the mission???

Marshall Lee:We were gonna go to The Land of The Dead and search the lowest levels for a 100 ft tall shadow demon and if we killed him we find a magikal amulet...

Aaron:No...flipping...way...I WANNA DO THAT!!!

Marshall Lee:And THAT...Is why we're going...

Aaron:Yeah man

  • Marshall Lee and Aaron go to Marshall's magik room*

Aaron:What are we doing here?

Marshall Lee:I have a spell that will give me a lelportation device that is also a magik we can find are way and then teleport there!


Marshall Lee:And now to start the chant...Arkas ven asulankar Isiolus compassirk mekargus safred

  • magikal compass appears in Marshall Lee's hand*

Aaron:Ha ha this is gonna be fuuuuunnnnnn!

Marshall Lee: I wonder what else is in this book? OH! Serut Tah yervaline osagik magusek,septus novar konrapre!

  • Marshall Lee's arm tranforms into blue flames*


Marshall Lee:Now we are ready...

  • opens portal with compass*

Aaron:Looks like a big green mouth...

  • aaron jumps in*

Marshall Lee:...erm...kinda...

  • jumps in*
  • Aaron and Marshall Lee are both teleported to The Land of The Dead*


Marshall Lee:Wow it worked...

Aaron:You made a compass come out of thin air and turned your arm into blue flames...and you are worried about teleportation not working???

Marshall Lee:Well...yeah...i mean...well...Oh look a skeleton...HEY

Skeleton: Oh it's the King of Vampires!

Aaron:How does he know you dude?

Marshall Lee: While Death may rule this land I am the king of vampires...and since my mother was the queen of demons I get to rule any members of the undead or dark entities...

Aaron:Why can't I be a king of anything O_o

Marshall Lee:...

Skeleton:greetings your magesty

Marshall Lee:Yeah yeah do you know where Deaths castle is???

Skeleton:That way*walks away*

Marshall Lee:thanks alot...

Aaron:Did that guy just point in all directions?

Marshall Lee:*sigh* Yes,yes he unfortunately did...

  • they travel in all different dirrections until they see a bright castle*

Marshall Lee:LOOK

Aaron:Oh great,another skeleton -_-...

Skeleton:*far away* HELLO

Marshall Lee:No,not him...THERE

Aaron:Dude it's the cast-

  • Castle turns out to be an illusion and is now a dumpster station with empty police cars*


Marshall Lee:Hrm...aha! These cars still have some fuel left in them!


Marshall Lee:*opens compartment in car under steering whell*

Aaron:What are you doing???

Marshall Lee:Get in the passenger seat man...I got a plan...

  • Aaron gets in car*

Marshall Lee:Ok so I connect these two wires and-*car starts*-yes!

Aaron:Where'd you learn to hotwire a car?

Marshall Lee:......I'm good with cars...I know alot about them......

Aaron:ok then...

  • drives super crazy and flies through the window to Death's castle*

Marshall Lee:Guess I should work on my driving skills...

  • Death walks in the room*

Death:what are you doing here,Vampire King,and who is this other entity?

Aaron:Dude we just need directions to the 100 foot tall shadow demon...

Death:You are a fool to think you could even see the demon and live to tell the tale!

Marshall Lee:We may be fools,but were the fools that are gonna kick that demon's butt!


  • Both jump back into car and drive away*

Aaron:So where are we headed?

Marshall Lee:Well I'm guessing we should head for that cave with the police tape accross the enterance...


  • Marshall Lee parks the car in front of the cave*

Marshall Lee:*grabs Soul Cutter* Let's do this...

Aaron:*peeks head in cave and shouts* WAKE UP STUPID DEMON

  • Huge demon comes out of the cave*


  • punches Marshall Lee into the ground*

Marshall Lee:*growls*

Aaron:*kicks demon's foot* Take that!

SHADOW DEMON:Oww...that slightly hurt...why did you do that?

Aaron:Cause I'm distracing you!

SHADOW DEMON:From what???

Marshall Lee: THIS!!! *slashes demon's hearts out*


Marshall Lee:*Falls over from exuastion*

Aaron:Whoa that demon heart made of crystals?

Marshall Lee:*cough* Yeah...must be what prize we...were supposed to earn from...this mission...I could use a demon's magik skills...

Aaron:Ok cool

Marshall Lee:*snores*

Aaron:Seriously,you fell asleep,even though we have to carry this two ton crystal hunk of demon organ...

Marshall Lee:*talks in sleep* oh hey hambo...

Aaron:Hambo? Where have I heard that name before...hrm...oh well *lays down and falls asleep*

  • marshall's phone rings and wakes him up*

Marshall Lee:Huh? Oh hey mom,I can't talk right now...why?...becuase my finger just hit the end call button...*hits end call button* ........BOOP