The Egg
HNI 0081






Alice the Wiz




The Bandit

This is the first episode after the movie.


AK1 and Paris fight Egg Monster; while Andy and Katie explore the White Plains.


Major characters

Minor characters

  • Egg Monster
  • Singing Egg
  • White Guardian
  • Dragon
  • Giant Cat
  • Baby Bird
  • Rob-o


(The scene opens with an Egg Monster rampaging with AK1 on top of it and Paris & Rob-o running after the monster.)

AK1: Come on, just give me the egg.

Paris: Did you find it?

AK1: If I found it, would I still be on it?

Paris: Well, find it.

AK1: Found it! (looks up, and sees a giant bird butt). Oh turd!

(The bird lays an egg on him covering him in yolk. The Egg Monster starts to dissolve from the yolk.)

AK1: Is that the last egg?

Paris: No (She looks at a locator and sees that they are missing an egg).

AK1:(Licking his arm). You know, after being sun cooked, this makes a pretty good omelet.

(The scene changes to Andy & Katie walking with a similar locator.)

Andy: If you were BMO I would play you all day.

Katie: No, that’s terrible.

Andy: How about, are you Jamaican, cause your Jamaican me crazy?

Katie: No, no, no, worst pick-up lines ever.

Andy: Whatever, did you figure out where the last egg is?

Katie: Yeah, it’s right there. (She points to a giant white sanctuary with a sign that reads “Be careful what you wish for".)

Andy: We have no time for morals.

(The two walk into the sanctuary and the sign changes to “Don’t go in the freaking place!" Then, the scene changes Paris, AK1, and Rob-o, walking in the White Plains.)

AK1: So, how many eggs do we have?

Paris: Um, five, they cause; wizard powers, talking bellybuttons, shark eyes, rainbow sparkles, and explosive diarrhea.

AK1: I can’t wait to find out what this one does.

(The two see an egg and grab it.)

AK1: Finally we got the egg, and it’s already started hatching!

Egg: (Singing) I’m a pretty butterfly! Now watch me sing and shake my crack.

Paris: Wow, he’s got skills.

AK1: How do you know it’s a guy?

(The scene switches back to Andy & Katie.)

Andy: I’m so bored.

(The two are transported to a dragon cave.)

Katie: What did you?

Andy: Awesome!

(Andy goes to attack the dragon, but they are transported back to the White Plains.)

Katie: Wow that was short lived.

Andy: We need to get back there, I dropped my sword.

(A giant tongue comes and grabs them in and brings them to his face revealing that it’s a giant cat head.)

Katie: What are you?

Andy: And how do you use the bathroom?

White Guardian: I am the White Guardian of the White Plains, and my job is to annoy the crap out of people who set foot in here. Now you must hear me sing (Sings in odd pitched voice).

Andy & Katie: (Screams) NOOOO!

(The scene changes to Paris & AK1.)

AK1: When will this thing hatch?

Paris: I don’t know.

(The egg starts hatching and out pops a baby bird.)

AK1: Ah.

Baby Bird: (Demonic) Give me some meat.

(The bird attacks AK1, then they hear Andy & Katie’s screaming and they rush towards them with the bird wobbling behind.)

Paris: Put them down!

White Guardian: Never. (Laughs repeatedly)

(Paris throws the exploding diarrhea egg into the White Guardian’s mouth.)

White Guardian: Dude, that’s fowl.

(The White Guardian starts farting, the he transforms into Marcelina & Rune.)

Katie: It’s them.

Rune: You guys should have seen your faces, classic.

Marcelina: That was easy (farts). Oh, man that egg is kicking in now.

The group laughs and leaves the White Plains.

AK1: How’d you guys make this place anyway?

Marcelina: We just found it.

(The palace explodes into a flash of colors spelling out SUCKERS.)