The Backstory

Written & Storyboarded by:

User:Marshall Lee the Vampire King and User:Princess Fionna



Ths is the tenth episode of season 1 of AT:What Time Is It?.It is about the story of ho he characters me,the creators of the episode are still figuring out who will have their story told.The episode is written and storyboarded by Marshall Lee and Fionna.Marshall Lee is currently holding a one day event on his formspring where you can get information about unplanned episodes


Marshall Lee tell's his backstory to the group.


It all starts at the wikia headquarters~

~Marshall Lee enters~

Marshall Lee:Hey everybody,I wanna introduce a new group member,everyone,Fionna the Human

Fionna:Hey guys

Everyone Shouting:Hi...

~Lollipop King stands up~

Lollipop King:Why do you keep allowing new members...IT'S STUPID...

Marshall Lee:Your stupid,and may I remind you that you were once a new member...idiot

~Everyone Laughs~

A huge party went on and for some reason people started talking about thier past

~Marceline notices that Marshall Lee has been silent for about an hour~

Marceline:Hey Marshall,why don't you tell us your backstory?

Fionna:Yea Mar-Mar,tell us

Marshall Lee:Alright then...but I'm starting the story on my 8th birthday,cause I don't remember alot from before then......It was about the time of the Mushroom War.At the time,I didn't quite understand why people went to war over the smallest parents had to go to some thingy so I was home with my brother and my sister that day...but they didn't stay in the living room like I did...that was the exact day that the war reached first the explosions were small,but could affect you if you are within 90ft. of the explosion,unfortionally I didn't remember that rule,and one of the bombs mutated me,but not in a way that you would accellerated my age appearance to about 16,then my mom came home,the news she was about to give me was so bad that she didn't acnolege my age...

AK1:What was the news?

Marshall Lee:She told me that my dad was missing...and presumed dead...


Marshall Lee:She also wanted to give me some things he would've given me if he was still there...such as~The Family Axe,an old stuffed animal that my dad had when he was little...I named him Hambo,and last...this wierd syringe with two needles on it to make me a pure-Vampire like him(Considering that my mom is a demon).After that i didn't remember much,I don't always have the best memory...sorry...but moving forward,to 1783,where I met back up with Lord Monochromicorn

Paris:You knew Mochro?

Marshall Lee:Yep,but that was before he took the form of a horse...

Marshall Lee:I fought alongside him in the war of 1783,in fact...I helped sow his arm back on when he lost it and had to bring it back to me,UGH! I'm gettin' a headache so I'm gonna speed this up...around now I found a brand new outfit,did you know they make black jeans...I WANT BLACK JEANS(Headaches also make him loopy)I alos met Fionna and Cake before I met the rest of ya'll...questions anyone?

~Everyone starts asking stuff at the same time really loud~

Marshall Lee:I'm goin to retract that question...

the party went on a whole lot longer,but some people were still talking about Marshall Lee's story..