The Wall Hammers by Clownboss

The notorious hammer army is an secret weapon that has been a work in progress by the insane doctor Lollipop_king. He tested the hammers as early as the beggining of the great badlands war,where they nearly decimated Marcelines forces in the battle of bloddy sock ridge,but failed to stop the insanely deadly DoQs forces of crasy rabies devil giant ducks of doom, in the fight for ``The Wall``. they are vichious fighters, not afraid of using telephaty to destroy they`re targets,but they can easly stomp their foes to death because of their weight. they are organized attackers, and allways walk in lines of thousands,heck,MILLIONS if needed. they are also know to use super-sonic waves to explode their foe. and they can only be defeated with one thing. RACEISIM.


  • super-sonic waves: can destroy the ears of unexperienced defenders.
  • telephaty: makes the foe EXPLODE into a sea of gore and guts.
  • stomp: because of their tight movement, pretty much nothing can stop them from going where they want to go
  • LAZORS:Do i even need to explain wath they do?