Symin is a werewolf (though he doesnt have his werewolf form yet so he looks exactly like a human) lawyer who is 14.


Alice- He is Alice's lawyer and he has a crush on her.

AK1:he is Symins best friend.often he and symin go on adventure.when they so that re in suits like how symin at his job.when they do that many people call the Vincent Vega .and Jules winfred


He has jet black hair and green eyes. He is 5'4" and wears a suit when working and a beatles tshirt and blue jeans when not working. He has red swim trunks for beach wear and his pajamas are his beatles t shirt and boxer shorts. His formal wear is his suit. In all hiscostumes he wears a tie, even in beach wear and sleep wear.


Every episode he is in, he will sing.