Okay I cant flippin take it!! WHY ARE YOU GUYS MAD AT MARSHAL!!! Please tell me,then you can delete this page! But seriously tell me cuz i am getting angry and confused and everyone is keeping it secret from me like at school,do you think i cant keep secrets is this a secret then why dont i know ANYTHING!!!GRRRR!!!! If anyone wants to know where i am i will be here: ALSO YOU GUYS ARE KINDA BEING ROTTEN CHEESE GUTS RIGHT NOW!

Im trying to watch my show,SO JUST LEAVE ME A FRICKIN MESSAGE!! Sorry for my temper.. it just------

Mia is just kinda being a stalker and she found Jackie unconcious but Emily and that-other-girl are looking for her but Mia is trying to expose them into being a mermaid!!! Which they are! Ugghh and Emily and that-other-girl are being total DISNEY IDIOTS!(that-other-girl is selena i just remembered)