Silverbane is a werewolf who time travels and is looking for a cure for his werewofism.

Alexis wolf

alexis wolf.thisis silver after tower of terror


His hair as a human is red but, in his werewolf form, he grows fangs, a 5 o'clock shawdow, and his hair turns grey. He is 22 years old but is wiser beyond his years. His physichal age is 22 when he is normal but 18 when he is a werewolf.He is 7 feet and 7 inches and 7 tents of a inch.

as a girl silver has long red hair,green eyes.she is also five foot five.a side affect of the batle of the tower of terror hurt her eyes.she often wears contacts but occasionly wears joke about her apearence is her large bust which she does her best to hide(along with all of her femine features,barring her hair)she is also physicly 16 as a girl.


He is cold and calm except when he is in battle where the longer the fights he becomes more ferocious.

when silver was turned into a girl she became perpetually angry.when some one makes a remark about her apearence she tries to throw them in to a sun going super nova and then throw that sun into a black hole.when she gets angry enough she gians superhuman stregnth,wich is a sideaffect of her transformation at the battle of the tower of terror


Silverbane was given his real name axl warren wolf. He was born on augest 17 2029 in Georgia. Silver was born in to upperclass irish methodest house where he contently read and trained his abilites outside.

In 2042, his parents were killed by the mafia. After that, young axl then graduated from college with a PHD at the age of 13

In 2046, Axl (now 17 years old) tokes down mafia. After a goon tried to kill him, he went to the mafia boss and killed him.

In 2047. Axl gots a call from Marshall. Apearently, marshall's mom and marceline's dad are using souls to do something evil. Magnus is there so Axl rushes there. He sees Magnus, a crystal, Marshall's mom, and marceline's dad, the latter 2 look demonic now. Axl shoots at agnus after a portal open and a beast comes out but, the shot hits the crystal and seals the portal with Marshall's mom and Marceline's dad in it. Lightning shoots everywhere and hits him. Coughing blood he sees Marceline get bit by the monster, then Marshall. Axl shoots the monster and kills it. He calls 911 then blacks out.

28 days later, Axl wakes up on March 1. He asks for an mirror, he looks in it his hair is silver, has a five o'clock shadow and fangs. He then gets up and finds out where Marshall and Marceline are and runs there still on adrenaline. He gets there and sees them looking pale but, they are up and walking with a aparent new sensitivety to the sun. After giving them hoodies, they run out of the hospital a find a place to rest. Axl running out of adrenanline finds himself looking normal but, his two friends are not looking normal.

3 months later, he tracks down the floating kingdom of the werewolves and kills the tyrants that rule it and getting his werewolf name Silverbane.

4 years later he is sent hurtleling thought time because acceding with his watch and arrives at Ooo.

Two years later the crew starts hanging out with him.

One day he is turned into a human girl(see tower of terror) though is temporary and is back to being a guy because of the powers of science(long story short,they cloned silver and took his soul out of the female body and out in the clone body


Human Abilities:

  • Advenced Knowledge
  • alchemy

Werewolf Abilities:

  • Increased Strength
  • Better Senses
  • healing abilities


She a phobia of cats. If she is around one for longer than three seconds she develops temporary multiple personality syndrome.she is also afraid of slendermen,weeping angels,daleks,and cybermen.


Energy blaster. Tommy gun 4 modified tommy guns(two using chsinsaws as bayonets and two using katanas as bayonets) Walter p38 pistol Katana Broadsword Long sword Ak-47 Shotgun Sledgehammer Baseballbat(wooden) Baseballbat(metal) Baseballbat(spiked) Fire axe Battleaxe Tomahawke Throwing hatchets Machete Dagger Throwing knives


he is a friend to faline,marshall,marceline,two,pb,and paris

he is th psychologist for faline and flame princess

he is a member of a secret group called the shadow alliance