Human marshall au by insaneprelude-d4a8e4n

hero 1

episode 11 silverbane and paris's epic adventure

narrator: the world is not at peace, especialy for silverbane the werewolf king. a invasion is happening and these little white things are attacking. even worse they are allied with magnus, silver's brother, so in short terms silver was just extremly angry and when he is angry he in dire wolf mode which was not too diferent from wolf mode just his eyes look like a vampire's when they are angry and dire wolf mode he has longer fangs and grew claws. anyway now to continue the story.

silver: great, my kingdomis under attack and magnus has new allies how can this get worse.

narrator: and not a moment to soon a group of white monster burst through the wall.


silver: and of COURSE it got worse. i guess i will get these things out of here.


silver: dang it. there is just more of them. guess i am going to regenerate for the second time.

narrator: then a awesome girl came bursting through the roof.

paris: looks like you need my help. i hope

silver: why yes. it apears you came in the nick of time because i am almost beat.

paris: well you are lucky that i came. for you-not for me. cuz i might die.but.whatevs.
Endless floating 2 by tobi the good boy-d4g133o

magnus:our villain of the episode

silver: what are these things anyway.

Paris: wiki contribituers.wierd they havent tried to suck out your soul.

silver: werewolves cant have their souls sucked out.

paris:oh. well . lets givvem a whoppin

silver: guess again.

narrator: magnus's robot troopers then burst out of the hole that was already there.

paris: what are those

silver: robot troopers. they are the foot soilders of magnus's army and they are working with the wiki contribituers aperently.

paris:who is magnus?

silver: magnus is my brother. he was once the lich and now he inhabits an imperfect clone of finn.

paris: wait he was once THE LICH? THATS SO COOL!

silver: yes. but when he took the clone body he lost his lich powers and thus he stole the ice king's crown. wait did i take it from magnus.anyway he was once insane but he was captured along with amelia lee in an alternate demension that was cyberpunk that the crew and i visited. there he got phsycological treatment then he escaped to back here and now he is sane and a sane magnus is an nearly invincible magnus. he will do anyhing to get more power. another example is thathe killed lemongrab and sent another spy but since that spy failed. magnus permently erased that spy's memories and the spy joined us and since he lost his name forever we gave him a new name liame.

paris: who is amelia lee?!

silver: marshall's half sister. her mom was human but her dad was vampire. she and marshall shared the same biological mom.

paris: WHAT!

silver: believe me.

paris:and trust me or belive me is my least favorite sentences.... next you will be telling me that you are a time traveler..

silver: correct

paris:of course you are a time traveler. OF COURSE

silver: half-time lord to be exact.

paris:1 what is a time lord and 2 how can that be possible.

silver: a time lord was a speices that was nearly wiped out after a great time war. they were time travelers. and the awnswer to your second question is an accedent with a time lord and a genetic crosser.

paris: umm just to tell you-im confused and umm- how many of these bots are there.

silver:almost done

paris: finally we beat up thier ugly bot faces..

silver: you are correct. now lets track magnus.

paris:ooo with like-spy gear or or something?


paris: that's magnus? he looks so young whatis he 14, 15.

silver:physicly 16

paris: how can he be evil. he doesnt look evil in fact he looks like as if he is finn's older brother.

silver: didnt i metion he inhabited a clone of finn.

paris: i was busy fighting wiki contribituers and robots okay...!

silver: whatever lets just attack him.

paris: awww yeaa..

narrator: so silver and paris attacked magnus and punched the unliving daylights outta him.



silver: ok.

magnus: it's a pity such a beutiful girl has to die.

silver: dont listen to him. he is just trying trip you up.

paris: aww thats flattering--wait-what.

magnus: it looks like yall are losing.

silver : sorry magnus but we are not

narrator: silver then punched magnus and knocked him out.

silver: now that ends a problem.

paris: Ooo Ooo! To celebrate-lets party with werewolves!!!!

silver: ok i will call everybody.

narrator: the crew and and the users had an awesome party.

paris: silver, that was an awesome adventure we got to do that again.even if im still very confused...

silver: maybe when i go against the daleks again.

paris: wha-what!?

silver: i will tell you later.