An average day for Marcelina, Nami, and Runa.


  • Marcelina
  • Runa
  • Nami


As the theme song ends, we see a tree with violet and purple leaves and a tree house, similar to Finn and Jake's, with the sun rising behind it. The scene goes into a purple and light gray room decorated with crescent moons, pictures of Marcelina, and a poster of Kanir with hearts decorated around it. We see Marcelina's door slowly open and a Nami walk in with a cup of milk and oatmeal.

Nami: *slightly shaking Marcelina* Mai-Mai....Mai-Mai....wake up....

Marcelina: *talking in her sleep* Meh week.....

Nami: *sigh* I guess we have to do this the hard way... *flips Marcelina over onto the floor*

Marcelina: Okay, okay I'm awake already....Hey oatmeal!

Nami: Yeah… anyways, go wake up Runa, while I go and get breakfast.

M: Do I have to wake her up? You know how she is in the mornings.....

N: *sigh* Come on Marcelina. She's just a little girl. Wake her up and get it over with.

M: *getting out of bed* Fine Nami. *walks into Runa's room filled with ranicorns and Runa riding them" Ri Ri, get up.

R:*hanging on chandelier* Whyyy???

M: Runa get of the chandelier! You are a rabbit wi- 'enchantress' not a monkey-duck like the type we see outside!

R: I don't carrreee!

M: Runa! Get down NOW!

R: Noooooooooooooo!

M: Okay that's it! *flies up and grabs her* Stop struggling you little brat!

R: Put me down! Put me down or I'm telling Nani!

M: It's Nami.

R: Put me down!

M: Alright. *drops Runa onto her bed canopy*

R: Again again!!!

M: Tomorrow morning. Now get dress and come downstairs. And hurry up.

R: Okay!

(12 minutes later. Marcelina and Runa climb down the ladder. Nami reading a paper with a bored expression.)

M: Yo Nami!

N: You two finally done? 'Bout time. You guys took forever.

M: I'd like to see you get Runa, and deal with her every morning.

N: I guess. But, I don't.

R: Nani! My tail and ears got sticky again!

N: How did you even.....? Okay come on. *walks out the room with Runa*

Marce: Finally. *takes out purple holo-pendant: turns on or whatever* Paris! Alice!

Alice and Paris (sorta purple): Hello! Hey!

Alice: What's up?

Paris: Yeah you look tired out, that, or you're really bored and want to do something exciting.

Marce: Ding, ding ding! You win the game.

Alice: Well me and Paris are gonna go fight some monster thieves.

Marce: Really?!

Alice: Yeah!

Marce: Count me in! Hold on one sec. *pokes head through door in which Nami and Runa went into* Hey Nami can I go fight some monsters?

Nami: Fine. But be back soon we have to go to the market.

Marce: Kay!

(The scene goes to Alice and Paris and Marcelina fighting a bunch of monsters)

Marce: *walking in* Okay Nami. I'm back!

Nami: *walking in with Runa in bunny form on her shoulder* Finally we can go.

(Walks to market in 5 minutes)

Marce: Finally we're done.

Nami: We would've been done earlier. But, it's not my fault Runa ate the eggs of a kraken and you add to fight the kraken.

Runa: It's not my fault they were delicious!

Nami: And Marcelina, do remember that while shopping you were day dreaming about someone.

Marce: I was not!

Nami: If that what gets up in the morning, than who am I to stop you're little day dream lifestyle.

Marce: I despise you sometimes, Nami.

Nami: And you smell.

Runa: We live a happy lifestyle!

(Back at their tree house)

Marce: Finally home. Going to mah room!

Nami: Okay Marcelina *door closes* that girl is the most exhausting person I know...

Runa: Nannniiii!!! The syrup is stuck to my ears again!!!!

Nami: Make that second.....



  • Nami is shown to have a rather elder sisterly relationship with Marcelina and Runa.
  • Marcelina was day dreaming about Kanir, which turned into a daily habit.
  • Runa ate kraken eggs.
  • Nami nicknames Marcelina Mai-Mai, but oddly refers to her full name.
  • Marcelina has a picture of Kanir in her room.
  • This was the first appearance of Marcelina's wings.
  • Runa can't pronounce Nami's name correctly, instead calling her Nani.