HNI 0064


Samuel, often called Sam is a 15 year old humanoid who can use some dark and fire magic.


Samuel wears a black T-shirt with a power symbol on it, jeans, and black converse. He has dark blonde hair that covers one of his eyes and has a scar under his other eye. He is 5' 9".


Samuel is pretty much always sad, except when he is with Cathy. He doesn't have much of a sense of humor. However this may be from living alone in a cave for 7 years. He gets angry easily and can be hostile towards others. He isn't very brave, but will do anything to protect his friends.


When he was a child, Samuel was abandoned by his parents in the forest. There, he nearly starved to death and was constantly running from wild animals. He tried to survive as long as he could. One night he was sitting in his small shelter when he started to smell smoke. He stepped out of the shelter to see a raging forest fire that had already engulfed most of the forest. He ran from the fire not stopping until he was out of the forest. He collapsed on the ground and fell asleep. When he awoke, he was in a village laying on a bed. He got up and heard the unfamiliar sound of voices. He wasn't used to be hearing anything except for the sounds of the forest and curiously walked towards the source. Two humanoids were talking, he didn't recognize the words they were speaking, but tried to understand. They noticed him and tried to introduce themselves, but then realized he couldn't speak english. They decided to raise him as their own and teach him english.

After two years Samuel was speaking english fluently. The two humanoids had become his family. Their names were Jasmine and Scar. He had secretly been practicing black magic ever since he found a wand and spellbook in a swamp. Scar had been teaching him how to fight, and he had gotten quite good at it. He had friends in the village who he would hang out with every day. His life seemed perfect, and in a way, it was. Then it happened, and the event that would change Samuel forever. He was sleeping when a crash awoke him. He went down to see what it was and saw a burglar. Scar came down too and started to attack the crook. Wanting to help, Samuel tried to attack too. What he thought he was the burglar he had been stabbing was Scar. He hadn't meant to do it, but it couldn't be undone. And because of him, Scar lay lifeless on the floor. Samuel couldn't live with himself after this happened and vowed to never fight again, he grabbed a few belongings and fled the village.

Many years passed, and by now he was living alone in a dark cave. He had little food but managed to live on what he had. He was depressed, always sad. He hadn't smiled for 7 years. He hated himself for killing Scar and didn't think he was worth the space he took up on the planet.


Samuel has few abilities, but he is able to use some black and fire magic, knowing around 15 spells. However he often messes up on these spells. He is bad at fighting, and refuses to do so, after he accidentally killed Scar. He has trouble remembering anything that didn't happen in the last hour, excluding killing Scar.


Scar and Jasmine

To Samuel, Scar and Jasmine are like his parents. He loved them more than anything else in the entire world. But fled from their home after accidentally killing Scar.


Cathy is Samuel's extremeley close friend.


  • He has a magic bag that is endless.