the saguaro Kingdom is a Cluster of giant 1000ft tall cacti located in the deserts of what was once Texas it is the homeland o the chupacabras and the H.Q of the V.S.C


  • Chupacabras- natives of the saguaro kingdom they are large quiled reptilian creatures who are fond of eating live mice and speaking in texan accents
  • Cactus Ferrets- Cheif Catiboreal predator of the catci biome they travel in large lion-like prides in search of prey commonly cactus chickens and goats
  • Cactus Chickens- giant chicken like quail that are the main prey resource for cactus Ferrets
  • Cactus Rabbits- Cactiboreal(cactus climbing) rabbit like creatures that live off the flowerss and fruit of the giant cacti common prey for chupacabras
  • Rats- Rats can be seen in the Cacti dungeons and apper to be nothing more than normal rats
  • Goats- main livestock for the vampires and chupacabras
  • Vampires- (finish later)
  • Cactus catfish- (mentioned)
  • Scorpions
  • Heboglob bees- a special breed of bees tht produce a semi narcotic red honey
  • Ghouls


The Saguaro kingdom is located in a vast nearly lifeless desert and appers to be the only source of life for many miles. it has cacti of varying sizes growing from almost every exposed surface and has a series of lakes in its center