SPSR-13 (or Steam Powered Service Robot 13) is a robot created way before the Great


Mushroom War. His sole purpose for creation was to serve humans and act as a their butler. He is well known for his in-human strength, and unfaltering will to help other creatures when the need to do so arises.


13 wears a green shirt and blue pants that fold up to his knees. He has metal skin which appears to be scattered

Front View of SPSR-13

all over his body and an engine connected to his back with a long pipe sticking out. His face is that of an old computer screen that connects directly to his body. Although he can change his facial apearance to anything he likes, he is more commonly seen with a digital happy face.


Before the Great Mushroom War, there was a roboticist who worked on 13 as a mechanical butler that servers humans, but before he could be finished, his creator abandonned him in his warehouse. When 13 awoke, he was in a pile of garbage surrounded by ruins and darkness. He wandered the ruins in search for a human life source, but instead found a goblin scavenging through a pile of clothes. 13 easily befriended the goblin by giving it a back massage, while in return, the goblin clothed him and cleaned him up. The next day, the goblin instructed 13 to travel south to a place called the Land of Ooo and serve their goblin king in, knowing that he would do better serving Xergiok. As he arrived in the kingdom, he was held prisoner for unauthorized entering of the kings palace. He was brought to Xergiok, where he was initially meant to be spanked, although was ordered to act as their trade representative since he could not feel any pain. He was ordered to travel to the Cloud, Fire, and Candy Kingdom, to which he obediently followed.


His robotic abilities include:

Super Strength - Strength greater than that of a normal human, capable of denting solid metal.

Strechable Arms - Arms that can stretch to a length of 30 ft.


32GB memory - Can store music/videos/voice recordings/pictures/memories.

Voice/Video Recorder

GPS Navigational Device

Music/Video Player - Can play every music and video file.

Laser Guided Missile - Launches a missile that is guided by a laser that comes from 13's finger.

Retractable Minigun - A retractable gun used for shredding enemies.

Infinite Power Source - 13's engine is powered by piece of coal which can last for centuries.