SCAM LEADER, the world's most unconvincing cross-dresser

SCAM LEADER: by far the world's most unconvincing cross-dresser during his "I am a little girl" phase

SCAM LEADER is the leader of an army of vandals.

Because that's what trolls do. He sings "Trolololo" by Edward Kili in an awful soprano.

SCAM LEADER allegedly killed himself slipping out of Marshall Lee's grasp and falling into a volcano while being held in the air.He told Marshal Lee it was because he was too beautiful.And then took off his glittery pink rubber pants and bit Marshal. SCAM LEADER may have returned as a nothingless troll that has come back for vengence.


SCAM LEADER was once a boy named Pierre, ages ago. Trying to survive in a world of mutants and scared survivors of a nuclear war, he did everything he could to survive the madness and save the only friend he had left, Lara. In doing so, he became nearly immortal, but he lost his soul in the process.


  • SCAM LEADER gets banned in every Wiki he steps foot in.
  • SL thinks he has perfect teeth and can get any lady he wants, too bad none of that is true.
  • Scam leader is also a perverted man that looks like one of those transexual magic man that wear rubber pants.
  • He is full of himself and is friends with Lollipop King, even though Lollipop King abandoned him.
  • He wears the MAGIC MANS HAT.
  • There is a dumb user by the name of SCAMMERLEADER who claims to be the real SCAM LEADER, what an idiot.
  • He is blocked from this wiki
  • SL's main talent is getting banned by annoying the living daylights out of each and everyone he encounters
  • he thinks Lollipop_king is sexy.and he is a furrfag.
  • He is a german/christian furrfag.
  • He must be gay because Lollipop King states:I couldve eaten you(talking to Paris) but SCAM LEADER was making out with a troll..He also is secretly married tto a troll confirmed by Lollipop King and will be written as a story by Paris,wow,SCAM LEADER has ALOT to do to fix his rep,what an idiot

    What an idiot.