Runa Jin Scarlet




Bunny Enchantress

Voiced By

Jillian Michaels

Little Ryu


Runa is a 9 year old enchantress, who assited her sister in stealing food from the market. She's more relaxed and calm then her older sister.


Runa is sweet, quiet and almost skilled little girl. She has a talent for laughing at her friends misfortunes and believes in less than believeable, only to be right in the end. She likes to laugh and is an explorer. Due to her age she acts like a normal 9 year old sister. Hates being treated like a baby, loves sugar, and argues from time to time with her sister. She's sometimes pushy.


Runa has short black, hair. She has purple eyes and has light brown skin. She often wears yellow ruffled top, tan jeans, yellow sneakers and a long tans scarf. Her ears and bunny tail are shown. She also wears:

Fancy: A fancy black shirt, black and white skirt, with white mary-janes and black stockings.

Casual: A pink sweater, purple shirt, jeans, and some sneakers.

Pajamas: A bear one piece with a bear toy.

Cold: A red snowdress, pink snow boots, and white stockings.

Hot: A dotted pink skirt, a ruffled dark pink shirt, mary-janes and a pink sun hat.

Swimsuit: A flora tankini.

Rain: A black raincoat, black and white rainboots, white stockings, and a black and white clear umbrella.



Runa and Marcelina are you're average sister. Arguing, stealing, stare matches the usually. But Runa looks up to Marcelina loves her deeply. Marcelina often worries for her because of her age. Marcelina is Runa's mentor and teacher. Marcelina is trying to teach Runa how to turn into her bunny form, and to become better at magic and more agile.


Runa and Alice are good friends. Both of them have fun imagination and tend to sometimes fly off the handle. Although they're friends, Runa greatly enjoys playing pranks on her.


Runa and Paris tend to talk with each other and play. Runa enjoys messing with her hair. Paris has a'lot of patience with her.

Kitten Princess

Because of their sense of fun and rather immaturity, they are the best of friends.


Kanir is Runa's living toy. She tends to spend long hours talking to him about very unusual stuff that a 6 year old will come up with. She loves messing with his special supplies. He likes messing with her because he sorta enjoys her reactions.


Temper Tantrum


Because she's young, she doesn't really know as much spells as Marcelina, but, she does know some spells:

Blue Sunlight: With these spell she can fire off blue and yellow fire that can be used to fight or as a defense magnisim.

Temper Tantrum: With this spell it can cause dark clouds to form around a target, leaving the enemy off balance or blinded, perfect for attacks

Melody Arrow: With this spell, Ryu can fire off an arrow or several arrows at anything. They sometimes play music.


After the were abanonded, Marcelina and Runa were adotped and raised by a Guild of Assassin teacher. Runa learned to be a thief. Marcelina and Runa eventually died. Both girls however returned and learned as much as the could. Then while eating Ice Queen and Ice King attacked and rescued by Finn and Jake. They moved into a a cave and 3 weeks later joined the WCC.



  • She's a Bunny Witch.
  • She's allergic to daffidils.
  • Her nickname is Ryu.
  • Her and Marcelina are greatly diffrent. Marcelina is easily hot-tempered, Runa is calmer, Macyia has long hair, Ryu has short hair.
  • Her favorite activity is bow and arrow.
  • She can't dance.
  • She loves bow-and-arrow.
  • Her middle name is Jin.
  • Like her elder sister, she is very short for a normal 9.