Raven is a decendant of the supposedly extinct Azarathians pronounced(azar-wrath-ians). To protect her from the dangers of the Mushroom War, her mother, the queen, used her powers to incase Raven in a seal of magic. She woke up 1,000 years later. Since she knew nothing about the world after the Mushroom War, she attacked the Candy Kingdom. She was about to kill Princess Bubblegum, Finn used his sword to block the magic. Raven was angry, but impressed at his courage. Jake eventually came and defeated her. Raven was shocked as Finn told her the difference between right and wrong. She apologized to the Candy Citizens and flew away to find others like her.


Raven is a female Azarathian with African-American skin. She has long black hair with few visible purple streaks.

Casual: Purple short-sleeved shirt with baggy pants and purple heeled boots.

Formal: Long gold dress with purple lace and gold stiletto heels. Hair is in a bun.