Princess Aradia of The Butter Kingdom

This is a picture of Princess Aradia

Princess Aradia of the Butter Kingdom, also known as Princess Aradia, or just Aradia, is princess of the Butter Kingdom

Princess Aradia is a 15/16 year old girl, who often gets angry easily, and is also easily impressed.

She occasionally talks with a cockney/british/eurasian accent.

She is usually paired up with Prince Gumball or Ghost Prince (TAG's version of Ghost Prince).

Aradia's outfits

Everday: Usually her royal butter dress, but occasionally she will wear somthing casual.

Formal: A gold ball gown.

Bathing Suit: A light yellow bikini (bacon surfboard)

Pajamas: A sunshine yellow tank top with a rainbow on it, and gold satin pajama pants.

Butter Princess

A picture of Aradia drawn by Alice the Wiz.