Powerless is an episode of AT: What Time Is It, written by Coley.boyd.


Alice was convicted by Wizard Court and now has lost her powers. What will she do?


  • Magnus
  • Grand Master Wizard (GMW)


GMW: The case of Alice vs the Wizard World begin. Who is the defense's attorny

Alice: Wait, who?

  • a young boy bursts through the doors*

Boy: I am her attorny. My name is Symin Richards (thinking to himself: and just my luck my client is finaly a cute girl. After the trial maybe i can conivince her to go on a date with me.)

GMW: who is the prosucution

Magnus: That would be me

Symin: We already lost( thinking to himself again: I have read that Magnus was famous for easily getting out of criminal offenses even when the jury knew he was guilty)

GMW: Lets begin

  • The trial happens and Alice is found guilty but Symin was able to get her the minamal punishment: loss of wizard powers*

Syminn: I am sorry Alice that we lost the case and you lost your powers.

GMW: And now as tradition the winner gets the loser's powers

  • Magnus becomes a wizard*

Magnus: YES!

Alice: That explains why he was the prosocution.

Symin: Well how about I help you pick up your spirits.

Alice: Pick up my spirits?! Dude, I LOST MAH POWERS! I can't go on without them!

symin:powers dont mean anything. i will show you.

now you may think that no powers means that your life is over but it just begaaaaaan!

your gonna be a superstar shooting through the sky-y-yyyyyy!

the world is what you wanna it to be!

you just need to learn how to fly-y-yyyyyy!

you just need to learn how to see!

*symin pulls out a giutar and does a 1 minute solo on giutar.

now just take the world and you will winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

symin:so how do you feel now

alice:that you like musicals.

symin:i meant like better or worse

alice:better i guess.but i still lots mah powers.

simin:did you not hear the song.

alice: yes i heard the song.

symin so you dont need powers. you dont need powers you dont need powers YOU DONT NEED POWERS. REPAETAFTER ME YOU DONT NEED POWERS.


symin:are you better now.


symin thata girl.


  • paris comes through the door way at midnight

paris:am i late? hello? hello? anybody here?

the real end is now.