Paris the adventuer is rumored to be Fionna's long-lost sister and is said to be random,wierd,and intresting. She is a human girl,and is at the age of 12. Paris lives with her human/cat cousin Isabella.


She has strawberry blonde hair, sometimes in a ponytail. She usally wears a tank top or blouse with cuffed shorts, and sneakers. But for adventuring-usally a t-shirt. Sometimes she wears a matching kitten hat.

  • Weather (cold): long sleeve with mini skort and kitten cat
  • Formal: something white or colorful... or for fun a princess dress. its just her.
  • Pajamas: T-shirt and long pajama pants.
  • Swimsuit: blue,white,and green striped bikini,usally a hot pink 2 piece. (or a hot pink mermaid tail for her video class)
  • Hats: SEVERAL KNIT KITTEN HATS (also puppies,unicorn,etc...)
  • Hot: tank top with buttons and pocket with cuffed shorts and sandals.


Some call her annoying, but when you get to know her, she is a loving ,kind and funny person. She does not like to be judged. Paris is a great writer and a pretty good artist. She is smart but can get stumped or confused VERY OFTEN. Paris is a curious and very paranoid girl, Sometimes she get really angry if people make her sad,or angry. She can be very sensitive but very brave at times too..! Paris states: im like a cookie,i am 91% sweet with 8% salt and i may have too many chocolate chips sometimes,and when i am dropped,i crubble into chewy little pieces...But usally little girls pick me up,and eat me,and I become a ALOST new cookie..But i NEVER forget-WHAT.HAPPENED. wierd huh--its just her. Paris is a sweetheart with a happy fun additude.


  • Paris is in in the upcomming series,AT:The Wraith of Austin Belt
  • Paris is scared of spiders of pretty much any kind.
  • Paris is (biologicly) Fionna's long lost sister.
  • lollipop King almost ate her, but luckily, she escaped.(barely |:/ )
  • She loves to watch movies!
  • the reason paris wasnt eaten was because--(stated by lollipop king)scam-leader started making out with a troll,and THAT troll caused the hammer army too panic....
  • stated by Paris: im like a cookie,i am 91% sweet with 8% salt and i may have too many chocolate chips sometimes,and when i am dropped,i crubble into chewy little pieces...But usally little girls pick me up,and eat me,and I become a ALMOST new cookie..But i NEVER forget-WHAT.HAPPENED.
  • This means she is 91% nice and she can be waaay too hyper,and sometimes when humiliated or bullied gets hurt but someone helps her and makes her better but she NEVER forgets what they did.
  • She happens to be IN LOVE with unicorns..
  • She wants to make a really funny and really stupid webshow!!!


She used to live with Fionna and Cake and Cerimine (cakes sister) and thier parents but they soon passed away and Cerimine, Fionna and Cake, moved too. So Paris decided to travel with other humans she found like Finn,Belle, Katie, Andy, Melyanda, and a girl that called herself Susan. She lives on the far west side of Candy Kingdom but near the Ocean too (See Here) Paris' house is close to the portal so she can visit her cousins. She also lives with her human/cat companion,


Her friends are: Marshall Lee, Marceline, Belle, Andy, Isabella, Fionna, Cake, Finn, Jake, PB,PG, Katie, ,Melyanda,J.C, Aliyah the Dark Angel,and Alice the Wiz

  • Enemies: Thunder King, Ice King, Spiders, Cute King, Lub-glubs, The Lich, Ice Queen, Evil Lord, Me-Mow, and evil 6th graders (unlike herself) and DEFEINETLY lollipop king.
  • Favourite Color: rainbow,orange,blue,lime green and pink.
  • Ice cream flavor: cookies n cream, birthday cake, cookie dough, cake batter, anything with cookies or the word cake or cookie.
  • Her favorite foods are cookies,biscuits, and popcorn. and pizza. and donuts. and stuff.

Relationships :

Isabella: Her cousin and herself have a quiet relationship because Izzy is usally somewhere else.

Alice:Alice and Paris can relate to each other because they are both awesome and unique.They enjoy eachother's company.

Marshal Lee: She see's him as a sort-of brother(awesome kind) she looks up to him. sometimes. usally.

Marcelina: Paris likes her and is entertained by her magic as well as Alice.

AK1: AK1 seems like a goofy funny guy that she likes to hang with

Katie: Both love to eat candy. Pretty good friendship accordingly.

Fionna: Paris' biological cousin is adventurus which Paris LOVES.Especially the fighting part.

SilverBane: She is confused around him because he tells her crazy infomation about him like he's a time traveler!?! And about his crazy brother. Otherwise she likes to chat and hang with him during thier totally cool adventures