Mitchel See The Vampire King
Marshall lee by axcell1ben-d47h8ao
Name Mitchel See The Vampire King
Gender Male
Age 1000+
Species Vampire
Occupation King

Mitchel See (full title Mitchel See the Vampire King), is the twin brother of Marshall Lee, created by the original Adventure Time Wiki User: Mitchel See The Vampire King 17:50, May 20, 2012 (UTC), and featured on his page. Cake is scared of him just like she is scared of Marshall Lee.


Mitchel See supposedly has the same abilities as Marshall, since his screen time showed him floating.


Mitchel See has pointy ears and light blue skin. An alternate character sheet depicts him with green skin, but it was only used in one scene with a special lighting.

His hair is the same length as Marshall's and he has a matching permanent bite mark. He was going to steal Marshall's grey plaid shirt, but instead he stole his red and black plaid shirt. He also stole his dark blue jeans, and brownish-white sneakers as Marshall has many of them.

His eyes are rectangular just like Marshall's. Mitchel See's tongue is also rounded.


Personality-wise, Mitchel See should be similar to Marshall other than his purpose to steal his brother's clothes.


  • He stole Marshall's electric bass guitar.
  • Mitchel See floats leaning backwards, back to the ground, and knees bent just like his brother.
  • Mitchel See had 5-6 seconds on screen only to be seen after Marshall gave Fionna the "Rock On" sign
  • I officially addressed Mitchel See as "Mitchel See the Vampire King."
  • Mitchel has 5 fingers. This was found out when his twin brother gave Fionna the "Rock On" sign, even though Marshall must only have 4 fingers like Marceline.
  • He really wants to steal the gray plaid shirt, which looks similar to the one Marceline wore in the episodeVideo Makers.
  • Just like Marshall Lee, he has eyebrows.