Max the Adventurer is a kid who AK1 teaches to become better at battle strategy in the episode School Time Reverse.

Max the Adventurer










Max is a young adventurer who has a white skin tone and short brown messy hair. He wears a red shirt and brown shorts. He is an wepons expert so he carries a bow and a quiver full of arrows and a sword in a scabbard. When out fighting crime he wears a mask only covering his eyes but he doesn't were it to keep a secret identity, he weres it so he can feel like a super hero.


Max was born into a group worshipped war and weapons and was trained in all kinds of weaponry but was deemed defective by his people because he showed mercy, because of this he was orphaned at the age of five. Later that year he met AK1 and they teamed up to take down Austin, during that time they formed a brotherly relationship. Two years later they stop being partners and Max went on to train and become the greatest Adventurer and made Finn the Human his rolemodel. He also became skilled in archery.


  • Archery: Max is skilled in archery and favors to use a bow over any other weapon.
  • Swordsmanship: Max is also skilled in using a sword
  • Marksmanship: By using his skill in archery you has the ability to use a boomerang and a slingshot
  • Warrior Spirit: When angered he is surrond by a red aura which gives him super strength, agility, and speed to bad he can barely control himself when he uses it


Max is an energetic ten year-old who's dream is to become a hero like his idol Finn. He is usaully annoys people by being too energenic. When he gets angry he goes into warrior mode and has a lust for fighting.


  • His character was made to be the direct opposite of AK1 even though they are friends.