Profile pic kinda and matt the archmage 002

Matt wearing his robes and carrying his magical items

Matt is an archmage from the magical academy of perception. He was assigned to be raised by Aaron in the episode "school time reverse". Matt looks up to Aaron in a sense of him being matt's father, as Matt never knew his father very well. Matt trains in the magical element fo perception, and is able to manipulate other's and his own mind to make other people and himself percieve differently. due to this, he is able to see into the spirit realm. Matt wears A white cloak with a golden border pinned together with a red gem. His eyes glow blue under the cloak. he wears a backpack containing his magical items, a satchel that carries his spellbook, and a key around his neck to unlock his spellbook, which also serves as his personal journal. He always carries these items with him. Matt's lifelong goal is to learn a powerful enough spell to fuse himself with the astral plane, thus being able to perform fantastical magical feats.