The double bass is Marshall Lee's weapon of choice. It is a tool, crafted by the Vampire race to serve the user is means of both entertainment(music), and defense(weaponry)




The double bass is a Four-String Bass with 1 volume dial and 1 tone dial. It is shaped like a regular jazz-style bass, but the left side forms into a thin blade, casuing a curved blade that makes precise and accurate cuts. The headstock of the bass is a jawless skull, with tilted half-circle eyes. There is a lightning bolt shape moving from the top of the head to the right eye.


  • Bladed weapon
  • If tuned in front of a lock/door, the sound of the tuned string will open the lock/door
  • If tuned in front of electronic machinery, will hack the machine(unless it is sentient)
  • If tuned in front of wood, it will have no effect, that's what the axe blade is for
  • If, at full power, will shoot a large bolt of red-colored lightning


  • Marshall Lee's double bass appearance through scetches and design has went through over 20 changes since it's creation
  • The name of The Soul Cutter had to be replaced due to licensing issues, so it was renamed Red Lightning, and then it was renamed "The double bass"
  • It's name is a play on words, it is a bass guitar, and a weapon, so it is a "two-in-one". An actual double bass is an upright, acoustic cello-like instrument, often used in jazz and orchestras.