Marcelina the Witch
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Name Marcelina the Witch
Sex Female
Age  ?
Species Witch
Occupation Hero, Adventurer
Relatives Runa
Introduced in The Egg
Latest appearance  ?

Marcelina is a young witching who is immature. She can sense danger and is agile She is also very dangerous in the arts of magic.


Marcelina is mischievous, adventurous, and sweet. She's basically lazy, and fun-loving. She tends to speak with sarcasm. She's extremely talented with a magic, sewing, and a sketching. She gets bored real easy. She is shown to have no care of anything if it isn't her problem. She's extremely skeptical of people she first meets. There have been times where she is protective of her sister Runa and her guardian Nami


Friends/WCC Members:


Because Runa is Marcelina's little sister, Runa and Marcelina generally act like regular sisters. Arguing, stealing from each other, the works. But, Marcelina is very defensive over her and Runa looks up to Marcelina.


Because both use magic, they are great friends. They aren't shown to argue that much so it concluded that they agree on most things.


Marcelina and Paris have a good friendship. Both tend to be the one to point out the obvious. They don't really interact all the time but they are shown to be friendly with each other.


Cathy and Marcelina are close friends. Because both of them are interested in sketching-although for different reasons- the enjoy drawing with each other. Cathy is shown to look up to her, and Marcelina sees her as one of her closest pals. Marcelina is gets her sewing idea from Cathy's designs.


Her and Katie are also shown to hangout a'lot if they aren't with the others. Marcelina general see Katie as the quiet type but in reality Marcelina ignores half of what she says. and Katie just think Marcelina is listening without saying much.


Marcelina rarely interacts with him, but she has respect for him as a hero and friend.

Marshall Lee

Madam Nami


The same with AK1 she doesn't really interact with him but Marcelina has respect for him.


Nami is the former maid trainer mentor of Marcelina and Runa. Nami acts as the role modal and and older sister to the 2 girls and trains their magic. She cares for them deeply.


Princess Bubblegum

Marcelina despises her and has no respect for her. Between them the feeling is mutual.

Lollipop King

To her, he's nothing more than the enemy. She constantly fights him, and whenever seeing him doesn't hesitate to fight him. However, she still has some respect for him, and sees him as a worthy foe.


Marcelina has black, back length hair, bright red eyes, and brown colored skin. Her regular outfit is a white fitted shirt with dark gray shorts with dark white and light black stockings, white boots, with a black X hair clip on her bangs. She also wears:

  • Fancy: black and gray dress with white saddle shoes.
  • Casual: Purple hoodie, black boot cut jeans, and brown leather combat boots.
  • Pajamas:Lilac and black shirt with navy blue pants with stars.
  • Cold: pale black beret, white snow dress, white tights, lilac snow boots.
  • Hot: Large white sun hat, short-sleeved light purple tee, white capries, purple wedged sandals.
  • Swimsuit: One piece magenta knotted swimsuit with black lining, shorts and magenta flip-flops.
  • Swimming: Same as swimsuit but without the shorts and flip flops.
  • Raining: Red raincoat, red rain boots, white stockings, and a black cat umbrella.


The Heart Hammer


Even though Marcelina has the powers of magic, she prefers to use her magic to make different types of weapons. The weapons she use are mainly:

Heart Hammer: A large hammer with heart shaped ends. It usage varies from smashing the ground to smashing people.

Lunar Scythe: A spiked-ended scythe that can slash through almost any object (minus steel, titanium, hardened crystals, or car parts.)

Fire Emblem: Done with either Heart Hammer or Lunar Scythe, the weapon will become inflamed and can either burn anything or send out fire slashes.

Solaris Sword: Macyia can generate a light sword that is covered in a magenta-blue mist.

Although she uses these weapons she does use some spells:

Fox Hunt: During this spell she can either, turn into a fox or become a fox, mainly used for undercover missions, hiding, or is Macyia is just bored.

Sudden Mist: By simply blowing into her hands held together it can create a light mist that blinds that target creating quick escapes.

Although not an actually magic ability, she has natural abilities

Designing: She can make any outfit. She makes her own outfits.

Small Wings; She has small dark white wings.

Agility; She can perform many flips and spins and such.


Although the very first beginning of her life unknown, it's implied that Nami had a fairly large roll in her early life. When Marcelina was 3 and Runa a newborn, Nami moved them to the Mushroom Kingdom, then eventually the Tree House. She became friends with Kanir until he moved away. Several years pasted and she became best friends with Paris and Alice and eventually met the WCC.


  • Marcelina first appearance was in The Egg.
  • Marcelina might have Gamer's Anger because whenever she loses at a game she yells and punches the nearest thing.
  • She is immature.
  • Marcelina is often thought to be 6-8 years old due to her height.
  • She has a sharp tooth, that sometimes pokes out when she eats or smiles.
  • She designs her clothes herself.
  • She tends to hangout at the WCC for no reason.
  • She's the only member with red eyes, long hair, and is the shortest in the group.
  • She hates blueberries with a full heart.
  • Her eyes sometimes show how she's feeling. (i.e light blue sad, burning red anger, light pink love, yellow happy) They sorta flash briefly but noticeable.
  • She has the ability to turn into a small black fox with a gray-white end on her tail and paws.