Marcelina is one artist and writers for the series.

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She created Marcelina, Runa, and Kanir, and Nami. She is the founder of the drawing studio AngelCat Studios. She owns several characters with her newest being Onyx [herself], Jacklyn, and Mailyn [name of cousin] and Island of Roses/Rosela/Isla and many others.


Mace is generally a free-spirited and rather quiet and a loner. She generally uses her art to earn a quick buck or to become her dream job working at Funimation Animation Studios. She is an otaku or a nerd. She has an extreme love for anime and manga and on the side video games here and there. She's also draws anime her and there and is rather type happy. Being an artist, Mace is almost never satifised with how something came out even is it was good or nearly perfect.


Her hair is rather short, only reaching her shoulders but is often worn in a side-ponytail. Living in Canada, she often wears a parka, and some boots made of [fake] animal fur. Though a hoodie is often worn on most occassions. She's Canadian, Chinese and African.


Being in otaku, she has an extreme love for anime and manga. Her most watched show is Hetalia. She also loves Nichijou, Azumanga Daioh, Ouran, K-On, Lucky Star, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Soul Eater etc. She has a passion for drawing and writing fanfics and reading them.


  • She's an avid artist
  • Marcelina is her real name, not a made up name.
  • She's into manga, and anime and is a anime artist.
  • Her idol is Rebecca Sugar.
  • She's the shortest girl in her class.
  • She wants to be storyboard artist when older.
  • This is her favorite song.
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