Marcelina's House is where Marcelina, Runa and Nami live. Their house is similar to Finn and Jakes house but, the tree has light dark purple leaves and which give off sweet fruits. The house is located in the grasslands.


Inside the floor is made of the same leaves as outside, and a living room consist of a bowl full of the sweet fruit, Nami's katanna, and a couch made of magic it's noticable that there are many pictures on it

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Upstairs, there are 3 rooms which leads to Marcelina, Runa, and Nami's rooms.

Marcelina's Room

Her room has purple and light gray walls, her bed is a large circle with dark gray covers and dark purple sheets. A giant panada sits in the corner of the room with a spell book underneath. There is a wooden closet next to a large window with a gray clear curtains. A secret door only opened by Marcelina's magic which leads to a stone room filled with potions, a large caldrun, a purple ever-lasting fire, and a spell book held up by a onyx book stand. Purple torches light up the stone magic chamber rather dim but bright.

Runa's Room

Runa's room is the same color as Lady Rainicorn. Blue bed, light pink walls, red pillows, and green and yellows stuffed animals and polka dots. Her bed is a simple canopy bed that is crushed and ruined on several occasions, and there are somewhat noticeable rainicorn drawings on the wall and ceiling or as Runa calls, a 'mural'. Several stuffed animals and a blacket lie all around Runa's bed.

Nami's Room

Nami's room is a orange-red color, witha bed made of why-wolf skin and regular blankets. She has another katanna underneath her bed

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