magnus is the older brother of silverbane.magnus was once also the litch and has a slight mental hold on finn

He's in an evil league of villains together with evil people such as SCAM LEADER.

Endless floating 2 by tobi the good boy-d4g133o

magnus in his new body (which is a failed clone of finn's body because this version is older has pale skin and has black hair


silverbane: he hates silverbane and the reason why is never said

Paris:he is bit flirty with her,often calling her pretty.he mentions he does this to trip her up and capture her so he can steal the powers he thinks she has

Ak:he hates ak

Alice:he hates her

Austin:it is suggested he controls austin through some sort of power.that and the trolls treat him like a god.

Muck: muck hates him and he hates her.he has tried to kill her a lot

Issabella:he has taken note of issabellas crush on jarrod and tries to make a deal where he can make it to where he will love her.

Finn:hates him

Aaron:they were friends till aaron became a good guy


silver hammer: magnus has a silver hammer.(anyone that gets the reference is awesome)

lich powers=he has the powers of the lich.he can control anyone who uses luch powers as well

arazeal powers=he has the powers of arazeal(aka the dark king)because part of his soul became the dark king

deals=he can strike a deal with people for anything but if they accept they become totaly evil


magnus is as insane as amelia lee and magnus is very powerhungry stealing ice kings crown is one example