Maddy is the daughter of DoQ and Princess Oskana. She also has a sister named Danivola. They first appered in Austins(troll king) castle playing with machetes. She is 8 years old.


Maddy has dark skin like her father,but HE is a troll,and she is only one-fourth troll.Maddy has fluffy pigtails and dark big brown eyes. Like Princess Oksana,she is a beautiful girl who is teated differently because she isn't all-troll. Maddy loves to wear hot pink skirts,skinny jeans,blouses,and sneakers.


  • Maddy and Danivola are quiet to each other.
  • Maddy is the youngest.
  • None of DoQ's friends like her because she is barely a troll
  • Maddy loves balloons