Love Hurts Part 1 is the 20th Episode Overall


The episode shows the boys troubles before the party



The Scene opens with AK1, Marshall, Silverbane, James, and Aaron sitting outside the W.C.C on a bench.

Marshall: So Aaron who are you bringing to the party as a date tomorrow?

Aaron: I’m a Phantom, I can’t mate.

James: I agree with Aaron, we don’t need girlfriends right now. I’ve got to find a house anyway

Silver: Wait, Aaron why are you even here, you’re evil.

Aaron: Uh, I’ve got to go.

Aaron & James walk off. The scene changes to Alice standing in the hallway. Then she sees AK1 getting blown out of his room by an explosion.

Alice: Are you okay?

AK1: Hey Alice. What’s up?

Alice: You’ve been acting strange lately. You’ve been blowing up more often. Is something wrong?

AK1: (Lying) oh nothing.

Alice: You’re lying, not tell me what’s going on.

AK1: Okay but you can’t tell anyone. I have this crush on somebody

Alice: I thought you liked Katie?

AK1: I never really did, and didn’t she & Andy go solo a few weeks ago?

Alice: Anyway who is your crush?

AK1: I can’t tell you!

Alice: Come on.

AK1: Fine *whispers in Alice’s ear*

Alice: Seriously?

AK1: Yeah and remember you can’t tell anyone

Alice: I promise.

The scene changes to Silver walking past the bathroom.

Marshall Lee: (In the bathroom). Oh no, oh no, oh Glob no!

Silver slowly backs away from the bathroom.

The scene changes to AK1 & Silver watching TV. Marshall walks in with a hoody covering his face.

Marshall: Guys, come over to my house.

Silver: Okay.

The scene changes to the guys at Marshall’s house.

AK1: So what’s the… HOLY GLOB!

Marshall takes off his hood revealing his green & pimple covered skin.

Marshall Lee: I know. I look terrible.

AK1: You look like a teenaged elephants butt! No offence.

Marshall Lee: Anyway, every six hundred years vampire starts shedding their skin and they look like this during the process.

AK1: I already have info on this. It says that there is a flower I the evil forest that ends the shedding quickly.

Silver: I vote we go to the evil forest to find that plant.

Marshall: Wait why cat you just give me one of your potions to help?

Silver: No, my potion skills have been off lately.

The scene changes to Silver in his lab with test tubes.

Silver: Okay this potion will definitely make me human so I can finally get with PB! *Drinks potion and turns into a squirrel*

Silver Squirrel: Oh Nuts!

The scene changes back.

Marshall: Okay, let’s go in one hour. Meet me back at the W.C.C.

The scene changes back to the W.C.C.

Fionna: Hey Marshall

Marshall: (Hood up). Hey Fionna

Fionna: So Marshall do you want to hang out before the party.

Marshall: Sorry Fi, I’ve got some plans.

Fionna: Fine, I’ll just hang out with Jared.

Marshall: You mea Pig Boy

Jared: Yes, Pig Boy. Come on Fi, let’s get out of here

Marshall: I need to find that plant fast.

The scene changes to the guys about to leave in the helicopter.

Kanir: Wait up guys!

AK1: Kanir, why are you here?

Kanir: I was hanging out with Marcelina while planning the dance, but the girls went on a girl’s night out or something, so I decide to hang out with you guys.

Marshall: Well this guy’s night out might include using a first aid kit, so get ready.

Kanir: I can handle myself. *pulls out knives*

The scene changes to the guys arriving at the forest.

AK1: My computer says that the plant is in… the middle of the forest. Oh boy.

Marshall: Let’s get going I can’t lose Fionna to that pig, Jared!

The scene changes to the guys walking through the forest.

Marshall: Man, this trip is a pain but for Fionna…

AK1: Yeah, man. Love hurts.

Marshall: What’s your problem?

AK1: Well I have this crush on… (They go through a bunch of rustling bushes). And I don’t know how to tell her.

Marshall: Just tell her at the party. Silver what’s your problem?

Silver: Well I’m trying to turn human for PB so I can ask to the dance, but so far it’s not working. I’ve turned into a shark, a bear, a squirrel and a raccoon.

Kanir: Well I keep trying to ask Marcelina but every time I try to I wimp out.

Marshall: Girls, Worth it.

Everyone: Yeah!

The guys see the flower and run to it but the ground starts to rumble and a giant Komodo Dragon comes out of the ground. The boys fight the dragon.

Silver: Take this! (Throws a potion into the Dragons mouth and it turns into a human). Come on, that one works!

The monster runs off, but vines start to entangle them.

Marshall: Ah come on!

A flash of light destroys all of the vines. The screen pans to James and Aaron

AK1: Thanks for the help guys

James: Well if we let you guys die who get us a ride to the dance.

AK1: I thought you guys didn’t want to come

Aaron: I’m just coming for the food.

James: And I want to ask a special girl to dance.

The scene changes to the guys running into the party

Marshall: Where are the girls?