Lord Monochromicorn is the gender-swapped version of Lady Rainicorn created by the original series designer Natasha Allegri and featured in "Fionna and Cake". He is the loyal companion of Prince Gumball and the boyfriend of Cake. He commuinicates by using his hoof like a telegraph to commuinicate by using Morse Code , rather than by speaking korean, as Lady Rainicorn does. (He stomps his hoof for a dot and scratches the floor like a line for a dash.)


He is completly black, with a long, grey mane, entirely different from Lady Rainicorn's multicolor scheme. He is horse-like compared to Lady Rainicorn.


According to Natasha Allegri, he can open up black holes. He can also fly like Lady Rainicorn.
131px-Fiona and cake with lord monochromicorn


  • Lord Monochromicorn can neigh.
  • During his first appearance in the aactual show when Cake greets him with "hiya georgeous!' he replies "Hey!" in morse code . Near the very end of the episode when Fionna and Cake are talking about how much they love Ice King , Lord Monochromicorn shows up and uses morse code to say "We love you Ice King!"
  • When Lord Monochromicorn made his first appearance on screen, the sound of thunder could be heard in the backround.
  • In the original storyboard, LM's horn is shaped like a lighning rod and his eyes are like Lady Rainicorn's.
  • PG sometimes calls Lord Monochromicorn "Mo-Chro."
  • Lady Rainicorn has said that she flies by using light and "dancing" on it. However, Lord Monochromicorn is black, which would mean he would absorb light.
  • Lord Monochromicorn resembles a horse and a moonbow, a rainbow seen at night.