Library Maze








A Scarlet Day




The group gets lost in the Library's Maze and can't yell for help.


The episodes start out with AK1 and Alice who are standing next to Gunter who has a rocket strapped to his back.

AK1: Come on Gunter push the button (Motions hands like he is pushing a button).

Gunter: Quack, quack (Gunter pushes up button and the rocket flies off of Gunter and explodes in the air).

AK1: Another failed flying experience (Puts head down).

Alice: It was really cool for Ice King to let us barrow Gunter (Grabs at a clipboard and puts “X” next to rocket)

AK1: Yeah… I stole him (Alice stares at AK1). Don’t worry IK has 50 Gunters to hang out with.

Alice: Even a villain needs a friend. I’m gonna return Gunter (Alice begins to pick up Gunter but he farts).

AK1: That’s it we could make Gunter fly by using Farts, but I need a book on Fartology. TO THE LIBRARY!

Alice: Ah, but the library sucks!

AK1: But we could bring the gang, and make it fun!

Alice: Okay, I’m in I need a book on spell book anyway.

AK1: Awesome.

The scene changes to AK1, Marshall, Aaron, Alice, Kitten Princess and Paris standing at the entrance of the Library.

AK1: Okay the rules say, “No Magic, No Food, No Drinks, and NO YELLING”.

Aaron: OR WHAT? (A giant turtle comes up and taps Aaron on the shoulder)

Giant Turtle: Or I’ll send you to the Nightosphere twice! This is strike one!

Turtle Princess: I got extra security.

Aaron: Okay…

Everyone picks up a book list.

Paris: Look they have a book of Unicorn Taming!

Alice: A book on Air Spells too.

Aaron & Marshall: They have a book on Immortality for Dummies! (They Hi-Five)

AK1: They also have the book on Fartology!

Marshall: Okay guys let’s split up to find our books.

Kitten Princess: You go ahead. I don't need any books, and this chair's in a sunny spot... *instantly falls asleep*

Marshall: Okay... TP can you guide us to the books?

TP: Sorry I have to work the front but let the books guide you.

Aaron: Okay, whatever that means.

The group splits up and enters a complex system of library bookshelves. The scene shows Alice and Paris walking through the library.

Paris: Who knew libraries could look so cool?

AK1: (Over Paris’s phone) I did.

Alice: AK is that you?

AK1: (Over Paris’s phone) Yeah I made a wireless network for all of us to chat on because we might not be able to talk until we get out of this place it is huge.

Marshall: (Over Paris’s phone) That’s pretty sweet dude.

The scene switches to Marshall and Aaron.

AK1: (Over Marshall’s Phone) Guys, Gunter must have sneaked into my backpack and now he is wondering around the place can you guys look for him?

Marshall: Okay I’ll look out for him. Ouch! (Gunter is chewing on Marshall’s leg) You little donk, I’ll mess you up!

AK1: (Over Marshall’s Phone) Don’t suck his blood Marshall.

Marshall: I’m not like dude.

Aaron: Let’s go find that immortality book.

The scene switches to AK1 and Rob-0

AK1: You know I should probably give Rob-0 a voice chip what do you guys think? Wait where am I?

Alice: (Over AK1’s phone) I don’t know where we are either.

Aaron: (Over AK1’s phone) Us either.

The scene switches to Marshall and Aaron

Marshall: (On his phone) Guys I think we are lost in a maze of books.

Aaron: I’m phasing through these walls (Begins to run)

Marshall: No, we can’t use are our powers it’s against the rules!

The scene switches to Alice and Paris

Alice: I’m getting help (Sucks in a big gust of air). HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP! (The giant walks up behind Alice)

Giant Turtle: That’s strike two! Stay Quiet and trust in the books!

AK1: (Over Alice phone) What does that even mean?

Paris: Hey look I found my book (picks book up).

Everyone: Me too

The scene switches to AK1.

AK1: Now I can finally learn how to make flying farts. Wait that’s it guys, go look for a book about Library guides.

Alice: (Over AK1’s phone) Are you sure?

AK1: Trust me.

Everyone starts looking for books but no one finds any finds it. Gunter bites Marshall’s leg but before he can hit him Marshall realize that Gunter has the book.

Marshall: Thanks Gunter, you’re cool sometimes.

Aaron: Dude you are talking to a penguin.

Marshall: Okay the guide says…

The scene cuts to the group leaving the library with all of their books with TP and the giant waving goodbye. Next the scene cuts to the group ready to see Gunter fly.

AK1: Okay (lights flame under Gunters butt). Now fart!

Gunter farts and a laser comes out of his butt flying him up into the air.

Paris: That’s awesome!

Alice: …and smelly.

The scene cuts back to the front room of the library, at closing time. TP is poking an unconscious Kitten Princess with a stick, but she just snores and rolls over.

TP: Can't you do something about this?

Giant Turtle: Sorry, she's not breaking any rules.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • TP
  • Gunter
  • Giant Turtle
  • Kitten Princess