This is Kitten Castle. Kitten Princess lives here with her parents and several servants, butlers, and maids. Kitten Princess's parents planned to update the look when she stopped liking the whimsical, childish thing it has going now, but so far, she still loves it. The tower that looks like an angry cat is the guard tower. The building with the rainbow stripes and the chimney is KP's old nursery, where she used to be put on time-out. This worked up until fifteen minutes after her first steps. After that, however, they had to build something that was harder to get away from, which is what led to the building of Timeout Tower. Kitten Princess currently knows seven ways out of said tower. The building with the diagonal rainbow stripes is KP's parents' rooms. The building with the speckels is the general part of the castle, containing a kitchen, a bathroom, the throne room, ect.Kitten Castle