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Kanir is a young humanoid. He's fun-loving, and likes reading, but always have time for his friends, especially Marcelina.


Kanir is fun-loving, and joker, easily confused, and rather sarcastic. He prefers to not back done to a fight, and would rather handel things himself. He generally spends his time alone or with Marcelina. He often dazes out while someone is talking.



Kanir and Marcelina's relationship is rather close. They have large crushes on each other, but are to shy to say anything. Whenever confronted about it from their friends, they just past

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it off as 'friends'. There have been hint after hint regarding their 'friendship'.

For instance, Marcelina blushes and her tail goes limp, and she daydremas when he is near, and Kanir stammers and tries to impress her when she is near. They spend alot of time togther in the grass kingdom.

Marshall Lee

Because they are both 'bros' they often agree on things. Even though they have oppisite personalities, they don't have any reason to argue with each other.


Due to the fact that they are smart, they hangout as much as the other guys. Both are in a way the normal ones of the group.


Alice thinks of him as a older brother or mentor. Because he loves making people laugh and she loves fun the two get along great. He generally likes messing with her, and she likes pulling pranks on him.


Because the two are fascianted by many things they study many aspects of Ooo and Aaa. Other than that, they act friendly towards each other and interact normally.


The two don't interact that much, but they still are friends


He sees him as good friend, but they don't interact that much.


Kanir has long light gray hair tied in a pony-tail. has relaxed dark green eyes, and wears buttoned sleeve shirt with rolled up sleeves with a black vest, and dark blue pants with regular shoes.

*Fancy: pretty much the same thing, but with a tie.

  • Casual: A long sleeve shirt, jeans and some converse
  • Pajamas: A olive green long-sleeved top with matching bottoms and green slippers
  • Cold: An ice-white sweater, jeans and snow shoes with a scarf and earmuffs.
  • Hot: A green and white shirt with jeans and sneakers.


He dosen't have powers, but similar to Finn, he relies on hand-to-hand combat. Plus he carries a small boomerang with him.


He, Marcelina, and Runa were childhood friends. He lived in the mushroom village with his mother and father, till they moved to the grassy kingdom. Eventually, he met up with Marcelina and eventually met the group.


  • He went through several design changes before coming to a final design.
  • His name was orignally Perkins, but that name was dropped.
  • Although he looks human, he isn't. He's a humanoid, but it isn't obvious.
  • He's allergic to sunflowers.
  • He was suppose to have glasses but that was dropped.
  • He's older than Marcelina by 1 day.
  • Although he has a perfect knowledge of how a boomerang works, he uses more as a sword, than as it's intended usage.
  • It's unknown why his family moved to the mushroom kingdom.