The jellie cats are jelly bean cats. They live in the Jellie Village which is farthest east of Candy Kingdom. These adorable cats will appear in a soon-to-be-written episode if Marshal Lee(wiki founder) excepts the offer


Jellie Cats are exactly like jelly beans but have cat faces and feet. For example: Kendra-watermelon jellie-is a watermelon jelly bean with green zig-zag patterns and red blotches.

Some have bows,ties,facy wear,or mustaces to represent their emotion,or additude.


  • Camo: These adorable jelly beans can turn different colors in danger-but keeps the patterns on their body
  • Shape Shifting: Due to jellieness in their bodies-breaking from shell,they go into gooey forms
  • Bring It!: Only few cats can summon their main object(if a pink lemonade jellie-can summon pink lemonade)

Known Jellie Cats

Kendra:Watermelon Jelly Bean

Fredrick:Popcorn Jelly Bean

Stevan:Tutti-Futti Jelly Bean

Jerald: Coffee Jelly Bean

Bubbles: Bubblegum Jelly Bean

Frank: Marshmellow Jelly Bean

Goober: BLACK LICORICE/vanilla

Ricky: Strawberry Lemonade Jelly bean