Isabella(human version)[srry shes a bit fat]-


Isabella is Paris the adventurer's roomate and cousin. She can turn into a cat and a girl and loves to sleep. She is 12 years old but acts like she 13...


  • Casual: off-the-shoulder black and white shirt with white skinny jeans and pink sneaker with pink cat hat similar to Paris'
  • Formal: Pajamas/or to be announced
  • Swimsuit: Same one from when she was 6 (brown with hearts and peace signs) and black 1 piece
  • Pajamas: short short short pajama shorts with lady bug design

She has sleek black hair and tan skin.

Her cat version is black with several big white spots. One one her eye and ear, one coiled around her tail, and few more on her arm area and hind legs.


  • at school she is considered the most popular,awesome,funnyiest girl ever.
  • Her sisters are:Sophie,Peelie,and Nique
  • she is based on Paris-the-Adventurer's cousin
  • She wears short short short pajama shorts to school.
  • Her teacher is actully Prince Gumball
  • Isabella can turn into a cat.(duuuuh)
  • She is attracted to Marshall Lee for some reason(for his hair-and face-andother junk)
  • She punches people for stupid reasons that are very stupid


She is a lazy girl who likes to "pop" people in the mouth if they annoy her or make her mad. She is good friends with Paris, Marceline, and Marshall Lee. She can turn into a cat and into a girl as one of her powers.Some say she is waaaaay better than Paris which is stupid and makes Isabella take adveantage of Paris(which makes her softly cry--jk-)Isabella loves to sleep and gossip bur still shows her love in several different ways.


She used to lived with her sisters Sophie,Peelie,and Nique and her Parents Joe (mom) and Eddgar(dad) when each sister started getting careers,or starting them at least.Sophie plays soccor and is into fashion designing. Peelie has just gone to a college atrs school about acting,singing, and other talents. Nique,like her father, wants to work for the sherrifs department. Joe also styles hair. Isabella then moved away with Paris for a 'while'. She says. Isabella wants to be a soccor player when she grows up.