When casts a spell on the crew to where they become their costumes.Jarrod and issabella ,the only ones who where late,have to reverse the curse before it becomes a aide plot the werewolf doctor 2 goes back into the demon hunting business and takes Finn and fionna as his proteges




Magic man

Magic woman













two(aka charles salazar)


magic man:ohh a party

  • he sses the sign that says no magic men or women*

magic man:rats

  • in party*

marshall:this party is awesome

  • the screen pans out to reveal everyone in costumes. silver is the tenth doctor, ak and symin are jules winfred and vincent vega, alice is a ninja, paris is beatrix kiddo,marshall is dracula,fionna is ellen ripley, andy is godzilla, pg is freddy kruger, pb is a mad scientist, finn is frank west, marceline is van helsing(ironic right), katie is zombie, two is John mclane and James is neo*

silver:why wouldnt it be

marceline:come on guys dont worry

fionna:come on marsh

  • magic man apears and so does magic woman*

Magic man:MW do you have that spell

Magic woman:yes,let's blast it at the ninja will spread to other slowly.

Magic man:wich ninja,the one in black or the one in a bright yellow jumpsuit.

Magic woman:there is only one ninja idiot

  • they cast a spell on Alice*

Alice:I don't feel well.i fell like I'm gonna*she starts speaking in Japanese.(I will use <>for translation)

Paris:why you no speak English Alice.say my name.

Alice:<paris>'s Paris.

Alice:< where am I. I was beating up a samurai a minute ago. Who are you. Why am i not in edo.

  • she pulls out a katana*

Parsi:stop Alice.

Alice:<where am I>

Jake:<you are in ooo(I have no idea why jake knows Japanese.he just knows it.)>

Alice:<bah this is lame>

  • leaves*

Marceline:what was that

Silver:how does jake know Japanese

Jake:one of lady's friends is from deku.that kingdom speaks that language?

Marshall:well that wasn't normal.

Silver:some timey wimey stuff is going on.

Marshall:timey wimey?silver are you ok?

Silver:who is silver I am the doctor.

  • marshall knocks silver out.*

Marshall: he was in a different personality.bleh.

Fionna:bleh?I'm leaving

Finn:me too.

Two:count me out.

Marceline:die vampire!



  • ph has disappeared

Paris:where is bill

Pb:I'm a scientist.muhahahaha

  • jared and issabella are finally there

Jared:what happened here

Issabella:I don't freaking know


Issabella:hey silver

Silver:I'm not silver. I'm the doctor

Issabella:doctor who?

Silver:exactly,anyway have you seen a police box

Jared:I wonder where Finn and Fionna are

  • meanwhile with two*

Two:were is that slumbit-

Finn:hey,whatcha doing

Two:hunting demons

Fionna:awesome. Can we join