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Marshall's sister shows up and tries to join the group even though she is evil,


  • Marshall is asleep*

Marshall Lee(talking in sleep):Oh why yes Fionna I would love to dance...*snores*

PHONE RINGER: Sweet dreams are made of these,who had a mind to disagree!


  • picks up phone*

Marshall Lee:Who is this???_what!?!?_NO!!!_why would you even think to show your face around here_you wouldn't dare tell them that!_when the time comes I shall tell them_ugh...fine but no acting evil_NO YOU WON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smashes phone*

Marshall Lee:Grreat! Better warn the others...

  • later,Marshall Lee is walking torrwards the HQ*

Marshall Lee: hrm...I wish i had an apple right now...

  • phone rings*

Marshall Lee:Hello?

UNKNOWN VOICE: Hey here's the deal,I can't drive cause I haven't got my license pick me up...I'll be back at our old house,see ya later bro!...*hangs up*

Marshall Lee:Augh...

  • Drives to old house*
  • girl walks up and get in the car*

Girl:Hey little bro

Marshall Lee: Hey Cookie,what's up?

Cookie:Not much

  • drives away*

Cookie:So where we headin'?

Marshall Lee:The HQ...

More to come...justr wait till the morin