Ellie is a young student that Alice teaches to control her abillities and become calm in School Time Reverse


Ellie is a short humanoid that has the power of psychic. She has pale skin, long orange hair, and has white eyes (similar to Ice King's eyes). Ellie wears a red scarf, brown tatered dress and mismatched boots.


Ellie is short-tempered and uncontrolled of her powers. She angers quickly and loses controll of her psychic. Though she starts off normal but if bothered/hurt/annoyed/ect. she goes crazy.


  • Telekinesis - able too lift objects with your mind
  • Force Field - create invisible dome
  • Read peoplez mind


After severe damage at Ellie's house because of her anger and uncontrollable powers, she was sent to (add place here) for her whole summer.


  • Her personallity is similar Flame Princess'
    • Ironicly, her oringinal design resembled FP
  • She dislikes Alice
  • She also somewhat resembles Penny from City of Theives